Korean actos in school uniform Korean actos in school uniform

Korean actors who look very handsome wearing a school uniform

In school K-Dramas we can see our favorite actors as students wearing uniforms and looking super handsome

In our favorite Korean dramas we will see the actors in different facets. Sometimes they have to play students and they look great in school uniforms.

Every Korean drama is a different adventure for fans. There are all kinds of stories that we can find in these Asian series. We can enjoy a lot of storylines alongside our favorite Korean actors and actresses. They give a special touch to each production with their characters.

Perhaps some of the most popular dramas are romance ones, and who doesn't like love stories? But there are also mystery, fantasy, historical and other dramas that have become very popular. Some of these develop their stories in schools where we see students in everyday life and having new adventures.

In school K-Dramas we will see many young actors playing students. With their characters in school dramas, plenty of Korean TV stars have completely stolen our hearts. And it is that perhaps wearing a uniform makes them look even more handsome than they are.

So here we have some Korean actors who played students in school dramas and looked super handsome wearing a school uniform. You will fall in love all over again with these K-Drama stars.

8 Korean actors as students in school K-Dramas who looked very handsome in school uniform

1. Rowoon

In 'Extraordinary You', Rowoon is a high school student and he looked really handsome in his school uniform. In addition to being quite a dream boy that Eun Dan Oh fell in love with.

Rowoon as Ha Ru in Extraordinary You | Twitter: @moonlighthetic

2. Song Kang

'Love Alarm' gave us a student Song Kang who also looked super handsome. His black uniform really enhances the appeal of this amazing Korean actor, don't you think?

Song Kang in a school uniform | Twitter: @kang_archives

3. Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo has played students several times and on all those occasions he has looked super handsome in his school uniform. 'True Beauty' was a great example of that.

Cha Eun Woo as Lee Suho | Twitter: @runningnamzy

4. Hwang In Yeop

In some dramas Hwang In Yeop has embodied a student, we loved him in 'True Beauty' in which he was such a cool guy and some kind of bad boy. But we loved him in 'The Sound Of Magic', in which he was a nerdy student, but looked so handsome. Those specs gave him a touch.

Hwang In Yeop in The Sound Of Magic | Twitter: @jcwnoir

5. Lee Sae On

Lee Sae On is a very young K-Drama actor and we saw him as a student in the BL Drama 'Light On Me', he looked handsome and super cute wearing his school uniform, don't you think so?

Lee Sae On as Woo Tae Kyung | Twitter: @simpjaeyoun

6. Lee Dohyun

We loved Lee Dohyun in school uniform in the drama '18 Again', he took all of the fans' attention since he looked really handsome with this one.

Lee Dohyun in 18 Again | Twitter: @kdramadump

7. Park Solomon

Even if the school uniforms were a mess after disaster in 'All Of Us Are Dead' we can't deny that Park Solomon looked really good on his school uniform.

Park Solomon | Twitter: @BulhanNorjassim

8. Yang Hong Seok

Yang Hong Seok is not only one of the members of K-Pop group Pentagon. He's also an actor who we've seen in 'Blue Birthday' and he looked really handsome on hi school uniform there.

Yeri and Hongseok in Blue Birthday | Twitter: @0613frames

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