Korean actos who are as beautiful as a webtoon character Korean actos who are as beautiful as a webtoon character

Korean actors who look like they came out of a webtoon because of their beauty

These drama actors will make your favorite webtoon become a reality

Every Korean actor is extremely talented but also very handsome, we can't deny it. Some actors look like they were drawn by an artist for a webtoon that later became a reality.

Many Korean actors are quite popular all over the world, their work in dramas and movies has made many fans follow them and support each of the projects in which they participate. The popularization of K-Dramas around the world has made more and more people follow the career of these stars.

And there are a lot of things that we can admire about drama actors, starting with their great professionalism and commitment to acting, they really display different facets with various characters that have become iconic for Korean series.

We could also talk a lot about the personality of some Korean actors, they show more of themselves in interviews, videos, vlogs and other content that give much more to their fans. Each new piece of information leads us to know them much better.

And another characteristic that we can highlight is the beauty or handsomeness of many actors and that is that their physical aspects are usually fine but manly, quite attractive for many fans. Some even remind us of webtoon characters, their beauty is such that it seems that they were drawn and then came to life.

5 K-Drama actors whose beauty looks straight from a webtoon

1. Song Kang

It's just that Song Kang is just perfect for every webtoon, not only because of his perfect acting, but also because of his handsomeness, which has captivated a lot of fans.

Song Kang | Twitter: @webtoonofficial

2. Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo's stunning beauty also lets us see that his fine features look like art straight out of a webtoon. So Cha Eun Woo is also on this list.

Cha Eun Woo | Twitter: @trinhers

3. Hwang In Yeop

The proof that Hwang In Yeop looks like a webtoon character is in True Beauty, a drama that was actually based on a webtoon, it's almost as if I didn't say so, science says so.

Hwang In Yeop | Twitter: @hiypics

4. Rowoon

Rowoon is not only an amazing SF9 idol, he is also a great handsome actor who surprises us with his great beauty.

Rowoon | Twitter: @ewsdbi

5. Chani

Another member of SF9 who is also an actor and very handsome is Chani and in fact the author of the webtoon To You Who Swallowed A Star confessed that his character is inspired by Chani, OMG.

Chani | Twitter: @drama_webtoon

Don't you think that the beauty of these actors is simply admirable? They are perfect for every webtoon adaptation.

Keep reading more about your favorite Korean Actors, like Song Kang, do you know the origin of his nicknames?

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