Korean actors who are good at dancing Korean actors who are good at dancing

Korean actors who have a special gift for dancing, how good dancers are they?

Did you know that there are K-Drama actors who are also excellent dancers?

Some Korean actors have learned to dance for their dramas and it is something that they are very good at in the end discovering that they have a special talent for dancing.

What can we admire about Korean actors? First of all and the obvious are his skills in front of the cameras. Many of these stars embody their characters in the best way and it is something that can only be achieved with great professionalism, talent and dedication.

We know very well that in Korea nobody is limited to just having a job or showing that they only have one talent, so we find actors who are also dedicated to other things, such as music, modeling, hosting shows and more that let us see how much talent these celebrities have.

But there are more disciplines where we can notice how professional our favorite drama actors are. And it is that sometimes they turn their hobbies into specialties. Or when preparing for a drama, they learn something new and discover that they actually had a hidden talent for it.

Like these actors and actresses who became great dancers or realized that they had a very special gift, here we have some of them who tried their talent to dance.

7 Korean actors who are specially talented as dancers

1. Song Kang

For the drama 'Like Butterfly', Song Kang had to learn how to dance ballet but the truth is that he's very good at it. He discovered a new talent.

Song Kang dancing | Twitter: @jujihoonheart

2. Shin Hye Sun

Just like Song Kang, Shin Hye Sun also had a role of a ballet dancer for one of her dramas but she ended up showing that she's talented as a dancer too!

Shin Hye Sun as a dancer | Twitter: @kdramaunnie__

3. Lee Seung Gi

Even if Lee Seung Gi says he's not that confident when it comes to dance, the truth is that he's really good at it. He danced for a show in Korea, he's also a great singer too.

Lee Seung Gi is a great dancer too | Twitter: @ai_leen_ne

4. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is such a talented actress, and she just loves to dance, sometimes she performs just for fun, that's amazing. Sometimes she shares some dance covers on YouTube.

Park Min Young loves to dance | Twitter: @qSphynx

5. Lee Jong Suk

Before debuting as an actor, Lee Jong Suk was a trainee and he was preparing to be an idol. But then he stopped that and decided to be an actor. But he has great dancing skills and on some musical dramas he has showed his abilities as a dancer.

Lee Jong Suk is a good dancer | Twitter: @LeeJongSukWorld

6. Park Yoona

Just like Lee Jong Suk, Park Yoona used to be a trainee, so she was preparing to be an idol, but then turned to acting but we know she's a great dancer too.

Park Yoona dancing | Twitter: @YOONADDICTcom

7. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is a total artists, he's good at acting, good at singing and he actually can dance too! We admire him and all of his talents a lot.

Park Bo Gum is a good dancer too | Twitter: @parkjieyz

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