Korean actors who are also brand ambassadors Korean actors who are also brand ambassadors

Korean actors who are brand ambassadors, which companies do they work with?

The popularity of K-Drama actors brings them great benefits like working as brand ambassadors, who does it?

Did you know that some of the Korean actors and actresses are also brand ambassadors? Meet the companies that work with these stars.

Korean actors are always busy, they have a lot of work because in addition to lending all their talents in front of the cameras, they are also often models or even singers, MCs or more within South Korean entertainment. So we know your schedules are really tight.

Still, our favorite K-Drama stars often find time to hang out with their fans and show their love for those who have supported them throughout their careers. There are actors who have fanmeetings in Korea or other countries where they have the best interactions with their fans.

So we can see that our favorite Korean actors work in a lot of important jobs, and there are those who still work as ambassadors for different brands of fashion, cosmetics and others. They earn this thanks to their popularity because companies know who to look for to sell more.

Which Korean actors are brand ambassadors? Here we have some of them who work with companies and represent them in Korea or anywhere else in the world.

7 Korean actors who work as major brand ambassadors

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho works as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, and important fashion brand that expands worldwide and he modeled for it some time ago.

lee Min Ho is Louis Vuitton's ambassador | Twitter: @baeksunja

2. Jung Hoyeon

We saw Jung Hoyeon in Squid Game and she became global ambassador for Louis Vuitton  too! She looks stunning on this photoshoot.

Jung Hoyeon | Twitter: @etherealdior

3. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun is now an ambassador for the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger, he works with this important company and had a photoshoot too! He's an amazing model.

Kim Soo Hyun | Twitter: @soohyunssimp

4. Shin Min Ah

Gucci chose Shin Min Ah as a brand ambassador, that's how she started to work with this fashion brand back in 2021.

Shin Min Ah is Gucci's ambassador | Twitter: @mculokii

5. Lee Jung Jae

Also Lee Jung Jae from Squid Game became a brand ambassador for Gucci, he's such a successful actor, he has his own business too and he' a model too, that's amazing.

Lee Jung Jae | Twitter: @mculokii

6. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo works with Fendi, she was the first Korean actress who became an  ambassador for this important brand.

Song Hye Kyo | Twitter: @theseoulstory

7. Nam Joo Hyuk

Beauty is for men too and Nam Joo Hyuk is an ambassador for Dior, he promoted some of the beauty productos from this brand.

Nam Joo Hyuk is an ambassador for Dior | Twitter: @namzyfiles

Keep reading more about your favorite Korean actors, like Lee Min Ho who changed the perspective that Kim Minha had about him. 

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