Korean actors who own companies Korean actors who own companies

Korean actors who are also businessmen, what companies do they own?

Did you know that there are Korean actors who are also CEOs of their own companies? This is their facet as entrepreneurs

The talents of many Korean actors are not only limited to acting and they also have the financial skills to run their own businesses.

There are a lot of things we can admire about our favorite Korean actors, first of all they have great acting skills. Their characters have brought joy to many fans and they have the best characters becoming iconic on Korean television, captivating the entire audience and enhancing the stories in K-Drama scripts.

But the truth is that there is much more that we can appreciate in these Korean drama stars, because in their free time they have many more hobbies and activities that make them shine in other fields. There are actors and actresses who are great MCs too and work on shows or award shows. Others are excellent singers and conquer us with their songs.

But we also know K-actors who also work as entrepreneurs. Not only do they make their fans fall in love with some character like CEO in dramas, they make it a reality by having their own companies that stand out in different fields. Do you already know these actors and entrepreneurs?

Here we have some of the actors who have companies, know their facet as entrepreneurs and CEOs of their different businesses.

7 Korean actors who own a company, get to know their facet as entrepreneurs

1. Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae who appeared in the great series 'Squid Game' is a great businessman, in fact he has two companies, one is his own talent agency called Artist Company. And he also owns a real estate development company called Seorim C&D.

Lee Jung Jae is a businessman | Twitter: @theseoulstory

2. Rain

In a lot of K-Dramas we have been able to see Rain acting, but he is not only talented in front of the cameras, he is also a great businessman and has these companies: J. Tune Entertainment, Six to Five Fashion Brand, and he also works in Real Estate business.

Rain owns a couple companies | Twitter: @yysseyo

3. Ok Taecyeon

Besides being a 2PM idol and an actor, Ok Taecyeon is also a businessman. His brand is OkCat and he launches various products with a little green cat that he created. He has all kinds of items with said cat's designs.

Taecyeon is an entrepeneur too | Twitter: @kdramawrId

4. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is a great drama actor and he also owns a talent agency, it's called 51K and at first he didn't want to have many actors among his ranks, but he has managed to grow over time.

So Ji Sub owns his company | Twitter: @saranghaelife

5. Lee Jong Suk

The company 'A-Man' belongs to Lee Jong Suk, besides being a great actor, he is also an excellent CEO and has great actors among his ranks.

Lee Jong Suk has his own company too | Twitter: @iconickdramas

6. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin owns the company VAST Entertainment, it has several actors and just as he has managed it. He previously had an agency within the same field in alliance with actress Shin Min Ah.

Hyun Bin is a businessman | Twitter: @YEJINBlN

7. Bae Jong Yoon

Bae Jong Yoon is a legendary drama actor who was a part of the so-called Hayllu Wave, after making it big in front of the cameras he launched his own acting agency called KeyEast Entertainment.

Bae Jong Yoon | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Keep reading more about your favorite Korean actors, like Lee Jong Suk who has the best characters in K-Dramas. 

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