Korean actors in K-Pop MVs Korean actors in K-Pop MVs

Korean actors who appeared in K-Pop MVs, did you get to see them?

There are a lot of K-Drama actors who have appeared in K-Pop music videos, here are some of them

Some Korean actors have also appeared in music videos of our favorite K-Pop groups, here are some of their appearances and cameos in the world of music.

Many Korean actors start their career with small cameos, appearances, supporting roles and even as extras before fully taking the spotlight and proving that their talents in front of the cameras are made to star in stories in series or movies. This is how little by little their trajectory grows.

This is why it is common to find very famous actors now that previously perhaps they only participated in commercials, had small roles or were even working themselves outside the acting industry until their true talent was taken into account and taken to the cinema or to television in some K-Drama or K-Movie.

There are even Korean actors who appear in music videos before acting, or as special guests in MVs even though they already have their own acting career. This is how the world of Korean dramas and K-Pop comes together in a different way than when our favorite idols sing for the OST of some drama.

So here we have some Korean actors who have appeared in the MVs of our favorite K-Pop groups, surely you have already seen them, or if you have not found them, this time it will be easier for you to see them.

8 Korean actors you can find in a MV of your favorite K-Pop group

1. Han So Hee

The beautiful actress we've seen in K-Dramas like 'Nevertheless' and 'My Name', Han So Hee has also appeared in an MV before for SHINee's song 'Tell Me What To Do'. Have you already seen the actress in this music video?

2. Choi Woo Shik

In DAY6's 'Congratulations' video we can see Choi Woo Shik who has appeared in dramas like 'Our Beloved Summer', 'The Boy Next Door', among many others. He thus also appeared in the world of K-Pop.

3. Park Min Young

Park Min Young appears in a video of BIGBANG, the legendary K-Pop group released 'Haru Haru' with a story where we can see the actress in the MV.

4. Lee Jung Suk

In 2NE1's 'I Don't Care' video we can find the young Lee Jong Suk, this was the appearance of this great actor in a K-Pop MV with a girl group that is now a legend.

5. Seo Je Yi

Seo Ye Ji can be seen in dramas like 'It's Okay Not Be Okay' or 'Lawless Lawyer', but she also appeared in one of BIGBANG's music videos, 'Let's Not Fall In Love'.

6. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook appears in one of T-ARA's MVs, it is the girl group's song 'Cry Cry' where we could see the actor within his story.

7. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun is a young actress whom we have seen in dramas like 'Love Alarm' or 'The Tale of Nokdu' and also in Boyfriend's 'I YAH' MV.

Keep reading more about your favorite actors and actresses, here we have more about them, like who can speak languages other than Korean. 

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