Korean actors in uniforms Korean actors in uniforms

Korean actors in uniforms for their characters as police, military or marine

Do you want to see your favorite drama actor in uniform? With some characters and plots we have been able to see them as part of the police, the army or the navy

A lot of K-Drama storylines have our favorite Korean actors having to play policemen, detectives, military and more wearing uniforms that look great on them, don't you think?

Korean actors have become really popular and we mainly have to highlight the way in which they all work. Their characters are really incredible and they know perfectly how to embody very well each of those personalities that were born from the imagination of a screenwriter.

We can also think about the great personalities of these K-Drama actors, they usually look one way on the screen, but of course, they have a personality that is foreign to the characters they play and they are unique, funny, professional, cute, charismatic and others. that ends up making fans fall in love.

And last but not least we can enjoy the visuals of a lot of Korean actors. And it is that many of them are extremely attractive, very handsome and with simply irresistible physical characteristics for many fans. His good looks are really amazing.

And sometimes... A uniform can make our favorite Korean actors look even more handsome in their roles as policemen, sailors, military men, and more. Here we have some of them who really impressed us with their characters and costumes in different dramas.

7 Korean actors uniformed as military, police or marine for their characters in K-Dramas

1. Lee Min Ho

In 'The King: Eternal Monarch', Lee Min Ho appeared in a navy suit and fans loved him, the white color goes very well with him and you just have to watch it and fall in love with this actor again.

Lee Min Ho | Twitter: @kmoviesdramas23

2. Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In looked great in a military suit for his character in 'Prison Playbook', since then we haven't been able to get over this K-Drama and how handsome the actor looked.

Jung Hae In | Twitter: @shmxbbh

3. Ji Chang Wook

For 'The K2', Ji Chang Wook was some kind of SWAT and OMG we lost it there, he looks very good in this uniform and thoseee scars.

Ji Chang Wook | Twitter: @shmxbbh

4. Hyun Bin

We all loved 'Crash Landing On You' and Hyun Bin looked so handsome there with his military uniform, we'll never forget that K-Drama, tbh.

Hyun Bin | Twitter: @shmxbbh

5. Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi had an amazing role in 'Criminal Minds', and he looked very handsome with his police uniform, and his an action packed man, we know it!

Lee Joon Gi | Twitter: @shmxbbh

6. Song Joong Ki

Didn't you love Song Joong Ki in Descendants Of The Sun? Because we did it for real, with his beautiful uniform and all, we honestly fell in love with him.

Song Joong Ki | Twitter: @kmoviesdramas23

7. Taecyeon

In the K-Drama 'Who Are You', Taecyeon is a police detective who looked great in that character and uniform.

Taecyeon | Twitter: @kmoviesdramas23

Keep reading more about your favorite Korean actors, like Yook Sungjae, here we have some of his dramas. 

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