Watch these Korean BL dramas Watch these Korean BL dramas

Korean BL dramas, watch their amazing love stories

If you enjoy korean dramas, then you might like these BL stories with amazing romances and great feelings that you can watch

BL dramas are very popular amongst fans who enjoy this kind of series, and you can watch the best stories starring some of your favorite korean actors.

Every drama has a different story, a lot of amazing characters, interesting plots and a lot of adventures which tend to captivate a lot of public, the audience who enjoys this kind of series gets to watch a lot of realities through their screens.

Do you know what's a BL drama? 'BL' stands for 'Boys Love', so, when we watch a BL we will get to know two guys and the development of their relationship; both will find their true feelings towards each other and even discover new posibilities for love.

Most of this kind of dramas are full of romance and tenderness, sometimes angst, since the main chracters tend to dis000000000000cover a different way of love, or maybe they have feelings for their best friends or even an enemy, OMG, so it's really interesting to watch BL drama.

And Korea has some dramas from this genre, and we will recommend you the best ones so can watch them and discover new stories and romances.

4 korean BL drama that are full of love and many other strong feelings

1. Light on Me

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Sae On, Kang You Seok and Choi Chan Yi

This BL will take you to a highschool with this guy who has no friends and will try to get some, with the help of his school counselor he'll try to get to the school board where he will find new friends and love.

Light On Me | Twitter: @blisanewblack

You'll find a great story on 'Light On Me,' so don't miss this BL drama. 

2. Color Rush

Year: 2020
Starring Hur Hyun Jun and Yoo Jun

This drama mixes a little bit of fiction with reality, there's a rare condition that makes some people see in black & white, until they find someone who will color their world powerfully and that's what happens when Go Yu Han and Choi Yeon Woo meet.

Color Rush | Twitter: @yoojunily

You must watch 'Color Rush' since it has a charming story.

3. The Tasty Florida

Year: 2021
Starring Yoo Hwan and Cha Woo Min

This story takes us to a great restaurant in South Korea, the fresh style, handsome waiters and delicious food are the perfect background for a love story where this guy is trying to study and moves from his old town, he searches for a part-time job and he will find it, but he'll also find love.

The Tasty Florida | Twitter: @sweetestbl

You can't miss 'The Tasty Florida' and its lovely story. 

4. Peach of Time

Year: 2021
Starring Choi Jae Hyun and Karn Kritsanaphan

This K-Drama tells the story of a couple of friends, one is from South Korea and the other one lives in Thailand, both got to know each other at the camp, the true is that both of them love each other but something happens that will make their love turn into something really difficult.

Peach of Time | Twitter: @blisanewblack

You really need to watch 'Peach Of Time' so you can enjoy its sweet story.

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