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Kim Soo Hyun K-Dramas that will make you a fan of his work

Do you know how good actor Kim Soo Hyun is? If you want to see more of his work check these K-Dramas, you're gonna love him.

Are you a newbie in the K-Drama fanatic world? Maybe you're getting to know some of your favorite actors. Well, we have to recommend Kim Soo Hyun, his acting skills are insane.

Through his career he has portrayed multiple types of characters for the TV and the film industry. The good looking actor had the best options for you. After watching these K-Dramas you could join his fanbase. Are you ready? Here we go!

Kim Soo Hyun K-Dramas to get into his career.

1. Dream High (2011)

'Dream High' poster / By @conkdekpop

Let's begin with the young  Kim Soo Hyun. For this show he took the role of Song Sam Dong, a boy from the countryside who just discovers he has talent for music.

He will be accepted into the Kirin Art School. Here we'll see as students too many famous Korean actors: UI, Suzy, Taecyeon and Eunjung.

2. Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

'Moon Embracing the Sun' poster / By @camiarmy94

This time Kim Soo Hyun played the role of the king Lee Hwon. He will have to fight for rule the kingdom and keep her beloved  one safe at the same time.

It is a historical-fantasy story. The lead couple will face tons of problems. In this K-Drama you will get chills with Kim Soo Hyun acting skill. He's amazing!

3. My Love from the Star (2013)

'My Love from the Star' poster / By @rafamallowan

What other cool character can Kim Soo Hyun play? Yes, an alien! Maybe he's the most handsome extraterrial being ever.

Do Min Joon is an alien who has been living on the earth for 400 years. He is waiting to go back to his origin planet but his plans will change when he meets an actress (Jun Ji Hyun) and falls in love with her.

The chemistry of the couple is unbelievable. It's a comedy that will make you laugh for hours.

4. The Producer (2015)

'The Producer' poster / By @whatsup__Inguk

We will see Kim Soo Hyun and his friend IU in this K-Dramas. These two actors together on the screen is a jackpot.

He played Baek Seung Chan, a rookie producer of variarity TV shows. Eventually he meets the super star Cindy, the beautiful IU. It is another romantic comedy perfect for relaxing in your free time.

5. It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' poster / By @OnelaSinali

The grand finale is with the favorite of too many. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is a show that talks about mental issues and traumas.

This story is deep, emotional and beautiful at the same time. We'll see all the characters overcoming their personal struggles. If that is not enough the photography and animation of this show is awesome. It's available on Netflix, have you watched it?

Kim Soo Hyun is a super versatile actor. What is your favorite role of him?

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