Kim Hee Sun's K-Dramas Kim Hee Sun's K-Dramas

Kim Hee Sun K-Dramas to learn more about the career of this Korean actress

We have seen Kim Hee Sun in a lot of Korean dramas, here we recommend some of them

Kim Hee Sun's talent is undeniable and this Korean actress has a long career in dramas, here are some that we recommend to get to know her better.

Kim Hee Sun is a Korean actress who was born on June 11, 1977 in Daegu, South Korea. Her career started at a very young age when she was a teen model in magazines, later she also acted in her first TV commercial, which prompted her to pursue her acting career.

In 1997, Hee Sun had her debut as an actress finally, she did it in the cinema and her first movie was 'Repechage'. Since then her acting career continued to grow, but it took 6 years for her to finally enter the world of K-Dramas, the first one she appeared in was in 2003 and was called 'My Fair Lady'.

So through these almost 20 years of career we have had a lot of Kim Hee Sun's talent in various productions, both for film and television. She is an excellent actress who has given us great characters in Korean dramas, which have become very popular all over the world.

If you want to see more of Kim Hee Sun, here are some of her dramas, you can watch them in marathon and enjoy the best of this amazing Korean actress's career.

6 Kim Hee Sun dramas you should watch to get to know everything about this actress's career

1. Angry Mom

Year: 2015
Starring Kim Hee Sun and Ji Hyun Woo

In this drama we see a teenage mom who has to drop out of school to take care of her daughter. Years go by and now her daughter is a teenager and she will have to face problems at her school, but she doesn't want to tell her mother, what will happen?

You need to watch 'Angry Mom' which has an interesting plot.

2. The Bride Of Black

Year: 2022
Starring Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hyun Wook

This K-Drama is about an arranged marriage company, the company works for its clients to improve their status with the fact of having a wealthy partner or part of the elite, how will this really work?

The Bride Of Black | Twitter: @ini_kpop

You can watch 'The Bride Of Black' on Netflix

3. Wonderful Days

Year: 2014
Starring Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun

In this series we meet an 18-year-old who leaves home ashamed and hating his family. 14 years later he returns as a successful prosecutor, but he has also learned to forgive and love, what will his relationship with his parents and other relatives be like now?

You can watch 'Wonderful Days' and its great story.

4. Alice

Year: 2020
Starring Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won

This Korean drama takes us to a world where time travel is possible, this is how a man manages to travel to see his mother who passed away. At some point he meets a woman who actually looks so much like his mom, what will he do with this?

Alice | Twitter: @katiezkatiee

'Alice' has a pretty cool plot you need to watch. 

5. The Lady in Dignity

Year: 2017
Starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah

In this drama we meet a woman who married a millionaire man, their marriage is going very well and they even have a daughter. But everything changes when someone new comes into their lives, a woman who is a social climber, will it end her happy marriage?

You can watch 'The Lady in Dignity' too!

6. Tomorrow

Year: 2022
Starring Kim Hee Sun and Rowoon

This series is about a boy who comes to work with angels, they will be in the care of humans who want to kill themselves, what adventures will he live in this job?

Tomorrow | Twitter: @MYGG0TH

'Tomorrow' is such a cool drama to watch!

Keep watching more Korean dramas, here we have some K-Dramas starring Park Seo Joon, you can watch them on Viki. 

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