Hyolyn for 'Dally' Hyolyn for 'Dally'

K-pop female lead vocalists who are great dancers as well

These Korean female artists are all rounded. They can sing amazing high notes and dance at the same time. Do you want to see them on stage?

In K-Pop it is very  common to see that the Idols have a specific role in their groups. The rapper, the main vocalist, the dancer and the visual.

Nowadays it is really hard to tell which Idol fits just in one of these tags. Most of them are really talented in all aspects.

However, our current is a compilation of those women that stand out because of their powerful and perfect voices. At the same time they can conquer the public with their dancing skills.

Let's begin!

The best female vocalist in K-Pop that are skilful dancer as well

1. Whee In - MAMAMOO

All the members of MAMAMOO have a big talent for music. Since their debut they have caught the attention of the public because of their awesome singing skills. But that's not everything they have to offer.

Whee In has a beautiful sweet voice, however she is a skilful dancer. Her moves are clear and powerful at the same time. Check the performance for her song "TRASH".

2. Yuju - Solist

The former member of GFRIEND, Yuju is famous for her always perfect vocal performances. Her dance on point as well, every move fits exactly with the beats of the music. At the same time she dances gracefully and with a lot of elegance.

3. Hyolyn - Solist

Let's talk about one of the most powerful voices in Korea. The former member of SISTAR is always working on a new performance to make the crowd jaw-drop.

Just watch the dance performance for her latest single "Layin' Low". She is giving everything on the stage.

4. Seulgi - Red Velvet

Let's talk about Seulgi, she is a very well known dancer. We decided to put her in this list because she is also a super talented vocalist. Maybe her teammate Wendy has a more powerful voice but Seulgi is a great singer as well.

5. Solar - MAMAMOO

We know it is not fair to put two members of the same group in this list, but we haven't option. Solar voice is amazing and at the same time she can do this like this:

Check her dance pool video. It's unbelievable!

What other female singers do you want to see in this list?

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