EXO for 'The Power of Music' EXO for 'The Power of Music'

K-Pop songs with the coolest sci-fi concepts, let's travel to another galaxy

These K-Pop artists used a wonderful futuristic concept for their music. You have to know these iconic songs.

The K-Pop artists really care about the visuals of their projects. That is why their performances, outfits, and music videos offer nothing but quality. Let's be honest, we all love how good are the visuals of this industry.

For every single, the Idols -or the labels- choose a concept that suit the message or style of the song. Some of the most common concepts are cute, girl crush, or sexy. However, some styles take the next level.

Today we are recalling some of the best futuristic concepts. All these songs were released with a wonderful music video that will take you to another galaxy. The stories are very creative, and, of course, the tracks are iconic.

Before starting, we need to mention the unbelievable production of these music videos. We'll watch the most gorgeous sci-fi scenarios. Are you ready for the interstellar trip? Here we go!

The best K-Pop song with sci-fi concepts

1. Power (2017) EXO

The members of EXO are interstellar heroes in this adorable music video. The CGI is quite basic, but the outfits are on point. Turn up the volume!

2. Savage (2021) - Aespa

Aespa's general concept is insane. Tons of its songs could be on the list. Savage is taking us inside a cool video game.

3. Error (2015) - VIXX

We need to talk about one of the pioneers of this type of concept. VIXX gave us this classic hit with an eye-catching music video that follows a beautiful love story. Such a masterpiece!

4. COME BACK HOME (2014) - 2NE1

2NE1 is shared a deep message through this powerful song. The music video is using the virtual world as a metaphor to talk about addictions and other serious issues.

5. My Universe (2021) - Coldplay X BTS

The production of this video is flawless. The single by itself is awesome, however, since this looks like a movie, the experience is even better. Coldplay and BTS dropped the best collaboration ever!

All these music videos are amazing! What other K-Pop song should be on the list?

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