TXT for 'Cat & Dog' TXT for 'Cat & Dog'

K-Pop songs with perfect concepts for the animals lovers

These K-Pop songs were inspired by concepts related to the animal. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you love animals? You need these tracks in your playlist.

If you're an animal lover, you have to check these songs. Some of the tracks in today's recommendation are perfect to describe your feelings for your pest.

On the other hand, sometimes we can feel we're acting like animals. Is pretty common to compare ourselves to an animal because of our personality.

Before starting, let us ask you, What is your favorite animal?  Do you act like your favorite animal?

K-Pop songs that use 'animals' as a concept

1. Waggy - MAMAMOO (2019)

For the album White Wind, MAMAMOO decided to make a song thinking about their pets. The performance is hilarious and playful just like the members personality.

If you're thankful for your pet because those cute friends made your day bright, this track is for you. It is the definition of love for animals.

2. Cat & Dog - TXT (2019)

Now we're exploring another animal concept. This song is comparing a person to the character of a pet who is waiting for the owner.

TXT uses the metaphor of Cat & Dog to explain the devotion for a romantic partner. The members are literally asking "Can I be a pet?"

3. Like a Cat - AOA (2014)

We just saw the cute version of acting like a cat with TXT. The iconic girl group AOA was really popular with their sexy version.

Like a Cat was a super hit back in 2014. The members were dancing imitating how a cat moves. This song is still so good!

Do you know the choreography?

4. Wolf - EXO (2013)

The fairy tales "The beauty and the beast" or "Red Riding Hood" for sure were the inspiration for this song. 

Here EXO showed its fiercest side. The choreography and the music video seem a contemporary version of these classic tales. Watch EXO members acting like wolves.

5. Pet - 10cm (2017)

Let's go back to the love for our pets. The music video shows a little bit of the moments we spent with our animal at home. We are sure too many can relate to this lovely story because of the pandemic days.

The lyrics of the song are similar to TXT's message: I want to be a good boy (or pet) for you.

You are gonna fall for the cute dog!

What other K-Pop song related to animals should be in this list?

Do you like the voice of V from BTS? We have the best recommendation to enjoy his deep voice.

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