BTS for 'Black Swan' BTS for 'Black Swan'

K-Pop songs with hypnotic choreographies, male edition

Some K-Pop songs have the effect of involving you into the performance. We have for you the best options to bless your pupils.

K-Pop cannot exist without the complicated dances. The public is used to the flawless presentations of the Korean Idols. However, there are a few songs that can create a whole mood for you with the performance. 

Today we have a compilation of those songs that are a visual pleasure for the public. Perfect figures and formations that respond to every single bit of the song. You're gonna be hypnotized by these mind-blowing performances.

K-Pop choreographies that are visual pleasure

1. NCT U - The 7th Sense (2016)

NCT arrived on the scene to shock the public with the talented members. No matter what subunit we are talking about, all of them are extraordinary dancers. 

For their debut, NCT U dropped a song with amazing choreography. As soon as it starts we see the members in a complicated formation. The boys perform difficult steps with smooth transitions. How is this possible? Well, just watch them.

2. BTS - Black Swan (2020)

No one can beat BTS but BTS themselves. The group doesn't give their success for granted. They're constantly trying to figure out how to surprise the public with new performances.

Black Swan itself is a masterpiece with really good moments like Jungkook dancing to Suga's rap or the solo of Jimin. However the special choreography for "Permission to Dance On Stage" is on another level. We envy the ARMY who saw this wonderful show live!

3. SEVENTEEN - 24H (2020)

Since their debut SEVENTEEN proved having a large amount of members is a benefit. The group is famous because of their synchronization and creative choreographies.

A lot of SEVENTEEN songs could be in this list but today we chose 24H. Almost the whole performance is having a "clock" to give sense to the formations. This dance needs more than one camera to notice all the details of the steps especially when the members are dancing on the floor.

We can say anymore, enjoy it by yourself!

Which performance do you like the most?

What other song should be in this list?

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