Red Velvet performing 'Monster' Red Velvet performing 'Monster'

K-Pop songs with hypnotic choreographies, female edition

Have you seen the Idos creating an amazing narrative with the dance? Well, they can. These are the best girl group performances to blow your mind.

Dance is a really important thing for K-Pop, all the artists who belong to an Idol group spend a lot of their time training in order to accomplish their dreams. Most of them are not just singers and musicians, they are professional dancers.

The K-Pop choreographers know it is a big issue for the fans, it will be danced all around the world at dance academies, on the street, parks, everywhere. There are a few choreographies that the artist's execution is almost impossible to recreate because of the precision, synchronization and interpretation. Today, we have for you some girl group songs performances that are a visual pleasure, take a seat and enjoy, later you can learn the steps. 

Girl group choreographies that are a visual pleasure

1. LOONA - Butterfly (2019)

The members of LOONA will make you think all of them are just one “butterfly”. The song is mixing the soft voices of the girls with a powerful beat. The choreography feels mystic, did the girls just escape from a fairy tale?

The teamwork of the members on stage is not a joke. Every single detail is made under the perfect coordination. Don’t you believe us? Let the song conquer your eyes.

2. Red Velvet - Naughty (2020)

Red Velvet is well known for just having good dancers. However, the sub-unit IRENE & SEULGI gave us a big and amazing dance for “Naughty”. In black and white we can enjoy an elegant performance that makes us ask ourselves, how can the girls look so graceful while doing that complicated choreography?

The girls create a hypnotic effect with a lot of beautiful lines made by their arms. The direction of the video is a masterpiece as well. Enjoy it!

3. Dreamcatcher - BOCA (2020)

Dreamcatcher performances are inspired by dark and deep concepts. Not long ago the members showed amazing dance skills for their fast choreographies that fit with the J-rock style.

Among all those complicated songs, today we chose "BOCA ''. The coordination between the members and the tons of dancers is not a joke. Who said you cannot dance to rock music?

What is your favorite one? Tell us, what other song should be here?

Don't forget to read the male edition of this compilation.

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