K-Pop coreographies that you can learn easily K-Pop coreographies that you can learn easily

K-Pop songs with easy choreography that you can learn even if you are a beginner

You can dance cover these K-Pop songs with easy-to-learn choreography

We love the cool beats in our favorite K-Pop songs and if you want to get started with dance covers you can learn easy choreography like these we have here.

K-Pop is great in a lot of ways, this music really fills us up and revitalizes us. Either because of the incredible talents of the idols that are part of each group or because of the lyrics of a song and even because of the show they present in their performances. There are a lot of things to admire about this great genre of music.

Something that characterizes idol groups a lot is their choreography, in almost no other genre is dance as important as it is in K-Pop. This is why our favorite singers must also know how to dance and prepare hard as trainees to present the best performances.

As fans we can not only stare, we can also do dance covers of these choreographies, it's something that a lot of fans usually do. Forming your own groups and dancing to your favorite songs together are simply phenomenal. Even fans can sincronize perfectly with idols.

But if you still don't think you're skilled enough to take a very difficult choreography, here are some songs with easy choreography to learn that will not cost you so much work. Share your dance cover with any of these tracks.

7 easy to learn K-Pop choreographies, you can make a great dance cover with these songs

1. BTS' Just One Day

As 'Just One Day' is a very chill song by BTS, so its choreography is not that difficult, maybe you will need a couple more things to do it but it won't take you long to learn it.

2. TWICE's Dance The Night Away

Although TWICE is characterized by its great choreography and shows, it also has some not-so-difficult dances, among them is the choreography of 'Dance The Night Away', a great song that you can easily learn.

3. PENTAGON's Shine

If you like PENTAGON then you can learn one of their songs in choreography, the dance for 'Shine' is not that difficult, you just need a little practice and you will see that you will quickly perfect it.

4. Red Velvet's Red Flavor

Red Velvet has many great songs and 'Red Flavor' is one of them, it's full of energy but hey! You don't need to be an expert to learn this easy choreography.

5. TXT's Cat & Dog

Maybe 'Cat & Dog' does have a little more difficulty, but it's still good for a beginner, so go ahead and release your dance cover with this TXT song.

6. MOMOLAND's I'm So Hot

There is no doubt that MOMOLAND idols are extremely talented and their best choreographies prove it, but also 'I'm So Hot' is not that difficult and you can dance cover it very easily.

7. Sunmi's Gashina

'Gashina' has a good rhythm, we really love it and the truth is that we can even improvise some steps to its rhythm, but the way Sumni does the choreography here is not very difficult to learn either.

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