Jessi and Lee Hyori for 'NUNU NANA' Jessi and Lee Hyori for 'NUNU NANA'

K-Pop songs that will make you feel super confident

Are you looking for something helpful to boost your confidence? These K-Pop singers will make you feel comfortable with yourself.

We all have insecurities. Sometimes because of our looks or maybe for the way we act it is pretty common to have this though: What's wrong with me?

Accepting ourselves in the way we are is a hard thing to do. To love ourselves and gain confidence can take a lot of time. Please don't pressure yourself, we can try with just a little step and then another one.

In order to help with this assignment, today we have the best K-Pop musicians you need to listen to when you are looking for encouragement. If you get in the mood of these tracks, we promise, no one will dare to mess with you.

K-Pop songs to boost your confidence

1. Yes I Am - MAMAMOO (2017)

Who dares to tell us what beauty means? We all are different so, why should all of us look the same way?

MAMAMOO dropped this song to talk about the beauty standards. Even if you don't fit into the most popular features, you are also beautiful. Those little things that make us different make us pretty as well.

2. NUNU NANA - Jessi (2020)

The powerful rapper Jessi has too many songs that will make you feel just like her, a strong woman.

NUNU NANA is a song for those who are faithing to be themselves. Your unique personality doesn't have to change just because the world can't approve of it. Just do your thing!

3. Kick It - NCT 127 (2020)

Listen to this song if you want to feel like a super warrior. The members of NCT 127 have all the attitude in this music video.

The track message is pretty clear, you have to use your voice and fight for what we want. We are cheering for you!

4. I Am The Best - 2NE1 (2014)

Let's finish with one of the most iconic girl crush groups: 2NE1.

The members of this group took the runway to show they can be on it in their own way. Identity, clothes and personality, we need to be proud of ourselves just like 2NE1 is.

Let's try to be happy wearing our own skin! I Am the Best!

Do you have other songs that can make you feel confident?

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