K-Pop songs that will make you feel better K-Pop songs that will make you feel better

K-Pop songs that will cheer you up when you're feeling down

Some days are good, but some others we might feel kinda down or unmotivated, but these K-Pop songs will give you strengh and energy

K-Pop groups have great songs for fans, and a lot of them might make you feel with a positive energy even if you're going through difficult times.

K-pop has a lot to offer for fans, it's not just about the visuals or something superficial, every song has a great message for fans, and these tracks have different stories, moods, feelings and more that will make the best company for the followers of this south korean music kind.

And we can also talk for hours about K-Pop shows, these spectacles are just amazing, the choreographies, energy, and even the outfits are so incredible. And it doesn't even matter if you're watching a full concert, a new performance or a special one, idols will put a lot of effort to shine with their talents on stage.

That's why fans love K-Pop so much, there are a lot of amazing things to appreciate in every comeback, but if we go back to music and lyrics, with important messages, you'll get to know another face of the bands and the idols. We can see their true human side in a lot of songs.

So, if you're feeling down, K-Pop might help you feel better, these songs are made to cheer you up and have happy moments even in difficult times.

6 K-Pop songs that will cheer you up even in the most difficult times

1. Cheer Up by TWICE

TWICE has a great energy and the idols have the best vibes in 'Cheer Up', this song is literally what you need when you're feeling down, even if this song might talk more about love, it can make you feel better with its charismatic rythm.

Just get it together
And then baby CHEER UP


2. Paradise by BTS

Maybe, sometimes we need real words, so we can cheer up a little, well, BTS and 'Paradise' have the best lyrics for you to feel better, the boy band will give you great hopes and you'll feel amazing after listening to this song.

It’s alright to stop
There’s no need to run without even knowing the reason
It’s alright to now have a dream
If you have moments where you can feel happiness


3. Pretty U by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is a synonym for fun, and even if the boy band has a lot of songs that make think, these idols have also a lot of songs that'll cheer you up. One of them is 'Pretty U' with a lot of energy and an amazing MV and performance that will make you feel better.

I want to pick and gather all
The pretty words for you
They stick in my
Throat in front of you

4. Grow Up by STRAY KIDS

STAY has all the love and support of STRAY KIDS, and the boy band has a lot of songs that make its fandom feel way better, SKZ's idols always choose the best words to make the fans feel better, and 'Grow Up' proves this.

When we fall behind, we can take a break 

You’re doing good

If it gets to hard,

I’ll run with you, don’t worry.


5. It's Okay by BTOB

Sometimes we need to know that all of our feelings are valid, and BTOB will tell you that 'It's Okay' even if it seems not to be it. It's okay to feel down sometimes, to take a break and this is what the idol group tells us with its song.

Is your shoulder heavy?

It's not easy to put down a heavy weight

Someone told me if you feel that you're dream is becoming further away

Take a break


6. By Your Side by ASTRO

ASTRO has a lot of amazing songs for AROHA, and 'By Your Side' is one of them, this song will make you feel better whenever you're feeling down, it has a great message that'll fill you up with hopes.

A lot of pain
I'll protect you from behind you
It's okay.
I'll be behind you.


Now you can feel better with these K-Pop songs, there are a lot more to cheer you up, but the list would be very long.

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