K-Pop songs for you to have hope for the future K-Pop songs for you to have hope for the future

K-Pop songs that inspire you to look forward to a bright future

Although the future seems uncertain at times, these K-Pop songs will fill you with hope and power

Music can inspire us to a lot of things and here we have some K-Pop songs that will give you hope to focus on a good future.

There are a lot of things that we like about K-Pop, first of all there is the music obviously. Through the songs of our favorite idol groups we can find a lot of joy, hope and inspiration. The beautiful voices of our favorite singers will always make us feel better.

We can also talk a lot about the lyrics and the messages that our favorite idols give us in each song. Despite the difference in language, there are always translations and interpretations of the song lyrics that let us see everything they put there in every bit of their tracks.

This is why through music we can sometimes find comfort, hope, happiness and even identify ourselves with experiences or feelings that they reflect or transmit. In K-Pop there is no exception and there are a lot of tracks that bring us vibes and positive messages that motivate us on a daily basis or in difficult situations.

This time we have for you some K-Pop songs that will inspire you to look to a bright future, or rather to build it, see yourself in the future and work for it. Well, we know that this is something that does not yet exist, but it does not mean that we are not going to get there.

7 K-Pop songs that inspire you to look to the future without fear

1. Life Goes On by BTS

You may be going through a time where you feel stuck in the present, but there is always a way to remove those dark clouds and see a bright future, 'Life Goes On' will help you see it with BTS.

Close your eyes for a moment
Hold my hand
To that future, let's run away

2. March by SEVENTEEN

In 'Face The Sun', SEVENTEEN album, we find a lot of special songs, among them is 'March' with really inspiring and strong lyrics that will make you build your own future without stopping dreaming.

Run right into the hot sun
I'll get everything I want
Let's run energetically, this is our marching song
The sun rises in the dark and I run abovе it, like a cowboy

3. New World by ONF

ONF is a K-pop group that debuted in 2017, for Road To Kingdom they released 'New World', which has a hopeful message for the future regardless of whether the past or present is dark.

You and I Our future
Trust your beating heart
There won’t be any sad stories
Together we’ll make it To the new world, Fly high


'BEASTMODE' is a very powerful song by MONSTA X, and between the lines we can see how they give a message to also empower people and especially their fans with love.

Reach out and hold me, we need your love
No matter how much you block us, shout out to the world
Wake up, in front of the continued running run and run
Just go and we will fight for your love

5. Life Is Still Going On by NCT Dream

In 'Life Is Still Going On' you can rather find understanding, of those times when you feel insecure or anxious about the future, NCT Dream idols have also gone through it, and you can overcome it!

Ya, why is your spirit down these days?
Ya, straighten your shoulders, I'm by your side
Life doesn't go the way you want it to, uh?
Your heart doesn't go wherever you want it to, uh?
That's right
I guess I'm becoming an adult, I guess that's life

6. My Way by ATEEZ

ATEEZ also has songs that fill us with hope to build a future for us, as we dream, that's what 'My Way' is about. The effort you put in will always be worth it.

If the beginning is just half way, I'm here for the good life
I'm on my way, I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the other half till the end
Better life

7. Better Days by SuperM

In our favorite K-Pop groups we find comfort and SuperM also provides it for their fans, in the future they will always be by their side and that will make it better if you go through a tough present. That's what 'Better Days' is about.

There's gonna be better days, better days, better days
Just gotta hold on
Yeah, I know that it hurts but the sun will shine through

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