K-Pop songs with the same name K-Pop songs with the same name

K-Pop songs that have the same title but are from different groups

There are a lot of K-Pop songs that have the same name but have nothing to do with each other, here are some of them

Sometimes a word or phrase can be perfect for many songs and in K-Pop there are different homonymous tracks but from different idol groups.

K-Pop is a huge music genre with a lot of diversity in its concepts, idols, songs, groups, and so on. There really are no limits to this great type of music that was born in Korea and mixed US Pop and traditional Korean, language and much more.

Every year we have more groups and songs in K-Pop, as we know there are a lot of comebacks and debuts in this music genre that is expanding more and more. And not only in repertoire, we can say that the popularity of Korean Pop continues to rise and has really taken over much of the world.

We love every K-Pop song, they all tell different stories, they have cool references. There are idols who actually work on these tracks as they write, compose or produce for their boy band or girl group. We have a lot to enjoy from each idol group with their music.

But sometimes it can happen that a phrase or word is perfect to put it in the title of a song and there are simply tracks with the same name but that actually have nothing to do with each other and that in fact they are different groups of K- Pop.

10 K-Pop songs that have the same name but were created by different idol groups

1. Dynamite by BTS and also VIXX

Did you know that BTS and VIXX have a song with the same name? It's 'Dynamite', but both are pretty different. VIXX released the song first in 2016 and BTS did it in 2020.

BTS' Dynamite

VIXX's Dynamite

2. Crazy In Love by SEVENTEEN and also MONSTA X

MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN are K-Pop besties and they have a song with the same name, SVT released 'Crazy In Love' in 2017 and MX did it in 2018, both of the are just great, we love them. 

SEVENTEEN's Crazy In Love

MONSTA X's Crazy In Love

3. Kick It by BLACKPINK and also NCT 127

BLACKPINK released 'Kick It' in 2019 and NCT 127 released a song with the same name in 2020, both of them are total hits, we love the two songs.


NCT 127's Kick It

4. Hello Stranger by Kai and also STRAY KIDS

There are a lot of songs from STRAY KIDS that share name with songs by other groups or artists, now we have 'Hello Stranger' here which is also a song by Kai and both were released in 2020.

STRAY KIDS' Hello Stranger

Kai's Hello Stranger


5. Run Away by GOT7 and also TXT

We can find 'Run Away' by GOT7 on thei album 'Call My Name' from 2017, and then we have the song with the same name but released by TXT in 2019.

GOT7's Run Away

TXT's Run Away


6. Fever by ATEEZ and also ENHYPEN

ATEEZ and ENHYPEN released 'Fever' two songs with the same name, the first one was ATEEZ which did it on 2020 and then in 2021 ENHYPEN released their song, they're pretty different, tho.

ATEEZ's Fever



7. Blue by BIGBANG and also Wonho

Woah! BIGBANG released 'Blue' back in 2008 and then 13 years later, Wonho released a song with the same name. Of course they're different and well, 'blue' is such a common word.


Wonho's Blue


8. Domino by STRAY KIDS and also SEVENTEEN

We know now that some of the STRAY KIDS and SEVENTEEN members are actually friends, well, SKZ released a song called 'Domino' in 2021, it's pretty cool tbh, and in 2022 SVT released a song with the same name and even if they're truly different, both of them are amazing.




9. Run by EXO and also BTS

Ah! Can you remember when EXO and BTS were like a direct competence for each other? Well, anyways, EXO released a song with the name 'Run' in 2014 and then in 2015, Bangtan Sonyeondan released a track with the same name.

EXO's Run

BTS' Run


10. With You by ASTRO and also SUPERM

ASTRO released 'With You' in 2017 and SUPERM released a song with the same name but it was in 2020, both are great tracks.

ASTRO's With You

SUPERM's With You


Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups, here we have some that have a lot of members.

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