K-Pop songs with only Korean lyrics K-Pop songs with only Korean lyrics

K-Pop songs that have lyrics only in Korean

Most K-Pop songs have both Korean and English verses, but here are some tracks that only have Korean lyrics

If you don't speak Korean maybe it's easier for you to learn the English parts of K-Pop songs, but these are at a higher level since they only have Korean lyrics.

We faithfully believe that K-Pop came into the world to open people's minds in a certain way and we have a lot of things to admire about this musical genre. Of course, not everything is a fairy tale all the time, but we know that idols really strive to show their talents at all times.

Idol groups really make their fans happy with their songs, performances, shows, MVs, concerts, and more. K-Pop really gives us shows in every way and it's an amazing thing. Because finally we can see that regardless of the language in which the songs are, it is true that if you share a feeling, you will be able to understand it without barriers.

We also know that K-Pop has inspired a lot of fans to be interested in Korea, its history, language, sightseeing and so on. We can also realize that a lot of idols are more than proud of their country of origin and they usually show it in their tracks.

Almost all K-Pop songs have English and Korean lyrics, but there are also tracks that are completely in Korean, do you want to listen to them? These are really cool.

10 K-Pop songs that have their lyrics completely in Korean, can you learn to sing them?


Woah! We can say that 'THANKS' is such an emotional song released by SEVENTEEN and fully dedicated to CARAT, this track is enterily in Korean (okay, it has some 'yeah' in some parts, but it's not even 10% of the song, lol).

2. Luna by ONEUS

'Luna' is such a beautiful song and it also has an amazing MV, everything about this ONEUS track is wonderful, we love how much they made Korean culture shine. (It's funny how the title of the song is in Spanish, but it hasn't Spanish lyrics).

3. Fairy Shampoo by TXT

'Fairy Shampoo' is one of our favorite TXT songs, it's amazing and it even has a bckground story we love. Its lyrics are only in Korean.

4. Paper Plane by NCT 127

One of our favorite sub-unis from NCT is NCT 127, a great idol group which has 'Paper Plane' a song completely in Korean.

5. Thank You, Sorry by GOT7

Even if GOT7 has some foreing members, they all have this song with only Korean lyrics, 'Thank You, Sorry' is such a cool track but we think it's pretty underrated, give some love to it!

6. Orange by Treasure

TREASURE is such an amazing idol group and it has a unique style, they showed it with 'Orange' too! A song which has only Korean lyrics.

7. 24 Hours by Sunmi

We love all of the talents of Sumni, this solo artist in K-Pop has '24 Hours' with such a cool beat and a great coreography but only Korean lyrics.

8. Slow Goodbye by VICTON

'Slow Goodbye' is a beautiful ballad which shows all of the talents of VICTON members, it's so amazing and it only has lyrics in Korean.

9. Breathless by ASTRO

ASTRO is such an amazing idol group, and they have a lot of songs we all love, but 'Breathless' shines specially for its only Korean lyrics and a very cool summer vibe.

10. Why Why Why by iKON

We have a lot of songs from iKON that we all like, 'Why Why Why' is one of those which has only Korean lyrics, this one is kinda hard to learn to sing, but it's pretty powerful.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups and idols, here we have something abour Vernon from SEVENTEEN that we think you'd like to read. 

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