(G)I-DLE for 'Tomboy' (G)I-DLE for 'Tomboy'

K-Pop songs of girl groups produced by one of the members

There are not too many self-produced girl groups. Here are the uncommon K-Pop songs made by the members themselves.

Thre are various K-Pop groups that are famous because of being the creators of their own music such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, and STRAY KIDS. Unfourtanly, there are not too many female groups involved in their music.

Most of the female artists that lead their own paths in the music industry are solo artists. We can bring out the name of tons of ladies. However, for the girl groups, this doesn't happen a lot. Even though nowadays the labels give more creative freedom, there is a long way to go.

There are not too many female Idols producer, but those who are already working in the industry are doing an amazing job. Today we are recalling the ladies that have control over their careers, nothing but the best music.

These songs were produced or written by at least one of the members. All the tracks are very popular, it's time to bring recognition to the female creators. Are you ready for the power of these talented artists? Turn up the volume!

K-Pop songs produced by female artists

1. I Love You - EXID

L.E. was behind every single EXID song, including the popular Up & Down. The group has too many good songs. Today let's enjoy the unforgettable I Love You. We miss them so much.


The genius behind this insane track is Moonbyul. Among MAMAMOO members she is the one the works the most on their music while writing her raps. This time she made everything, music, production and lyrics.


Again, we are in front of another Idol who always is in charge of her group's music. Yes, we are talking about Soyeon. She made from (G)I-DLE's debut song to its latest hit TOMBOY. She is so talented.

All these Idos are so skillful! Which song is your favorite?

If you want to listen more about powerful ladies, here are the best female singers in K-Pop.

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