'Married To The Music' music video 'Married To The Music' music video

K-Pop songs inspired by scary concepts, male edition

Are you looking for something scary? These K-Pop singers are using horror movies as a reference for their music. You need to listen to these cool songs.

The Korean music industry is nowadays one of the most important in the world. It offers really different types of artists, styles and genres.

Let's talk about some K-Pop boy groups that are well known for their unique music styles. All the artists in this list have revealed at least one song with a music video inspired by horror movies.

Do you like scary things? If the answer is yes then these songs will fit to your taste. Take a seat and try not to cover your eyes.

K-Pop boy groups songs with horror concepts

1. VOODOO DOLL - VIXX (2013)

Maybe this is the creepiest video in today's recommendation. Here we can see how the members of VIXX are under the control of a pretty lady.

Not just the music video is great, the choreography follows the concept of VOODOO DOLL as well. Such a masterpiece!

2. Jackpot - Block B (2014)

This video takes us to a scary circus. Despite the music actually sounding cheerful, in the music video we can see creepy clowns and weird characters.

Let's enjoy the talent of Block B members!

3. Married To The Music - SHINee (2015)

Finally, let's check this hit by SHINee. For this music video the members attended a strange party.

During the night the Idols will be losing something really important. The owner of this house is really creepy.

All these songs are classic in K--Pop history. Which one is your favorite? We love all of them

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