Red Velvet for Peek A Boo Red Velvet for Peek A Boo

K-Pop songs inspired by scary concepts, female edition

Do you like music with unique and extravagant concepts? These K-Pop girl groups will scare you with horror songs.

The K-Pop industry has too many styles, genres and themes to offer. From the most cheerful and energetic songs to emotional and deep music, we can find basically everything among the Korean Idols.

Today let's recall some of the most iconic songs with horror concepts. These talented ladies will make you have nightmares after watching these music videos.

The best horror K-Pop girls group songs

1. Peek A Boo - Red Velvet (2017)

Red Velvet usually has the best concept. In this music video we'll the members haunting the Pizza delivery guy. The group itself looks pretty scary here.

2. Zombie - PURPLE KISS (2021)

We have seen various K-Pop videos where the artists are running away from the zombies, However, PURPLE KISS members themselves are eating brains. It is a playful concept.

3. RBB (Really Bad Boy) - Red Velvet

This amazing song has too many symbols and references, like the scene similar to the classic movie "The Shining". Watch Red Velvet singing while they are sittin on the mouth of the wolf.

4. Chase Me - Dreamcatcher (2017)

For this video Dreamcatcher members are ghosts creating chaos at a haunted hotel. The photography will make you feel that you are watching a horror movie.

Among these K-Pop song, wich one is you favorite?
Check here the male version of this recommendation.

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