2NE1 for 'I Am The Best' 2NE1 for 'I Am The Best'

K-Pop songs from the 2nd generation that are not getting old, female edition

We won't ever forget the best K-Pop girl groups of the 2nd generation. Every fan needs these iconic songs on their playlist.

Nowadays, the Korean labels debuted just the better-prepared trainees. Despite being pretty young, these talented Idols are constantly shocking the public with their perfect performances. Rookie groups are awesome.

However, if we want to understand the current Idol generation, we need to look back to those artists that defined the styles and concepts that we love. In the 2010s the Hallyu wave became very popular among the anglophone public.

Of curse, the music of K-Pop artists during this period was amazing, that is why they conquered the world. Too many of their songs are timeless. Don't youbelive us? Well, these talented ladies will change your mind.

Here are some of the most iconic girl groups from the second generation. Even though some of these groups are already disbanded their tracks are nothing but classics. Time is not affecting these hits, you'll listen to them again and again.

Great K-Pop girl groups songs from the 2nd generation that are not getting old

1. I Got A Boy - Girls' Generation

Is not easy to choose just one Girls' Generation song. Anyways, this track has a unique style, the melody and tempo are changing a lot. This type of structure has been present among the rookie groups.

2. Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

This iconic dance is unforgettable. Every single Idol knows this song. Brown Eyed Girls is one of the most long-lived girl groups ever. Turn up the volume!


If this track would be released today, it would be conquering the charts again. 2NE1 taught us that the girl crush concept never gets old. Let's dance with these queens!

We love all these hits! Which one is your favorite? 

The boy groups also gave us unforgettable songs. Do you know these 2nd generation songs?

4. Alone - SISTAR

SISTAR gave us tons of great songs. This one is still amazing! It is sophisticated, sexy, and powerful at the same time. Such as masterpiece!

Do you like SISTAR's music? Here are the best tracks for your summer playlist

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