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K-Pop songs from 2nd generation boy groups that are not getting old

The 2nd K-Pop generation has amazing music that is still the being the best. You need these boy groups' songs in your playlist.

Are you a newbie in K-Pop? Don't worry, we got you. Today we are recalling some of the best boy groups of the second generation. These talented artists were in charge to spread the Hallyu wave all over the world.

We are so lucky! All the groups in this list are still working together and releasing music. However, these tracks are classics that have been inspiring the youngest groups. You need all of them in your playlist.

Iconic K-Pop songs by boy groups from the second generation

1. SORRY SORRY - Super Junior (2009)

For sure you have already watched tons of covers of this Super Junior song. No matter if it's a boy or grils group this catchy track is in the DNA of K-Pop.

2. Hands Up - 2PM (2011)

Now let's talk about this group under JYP Entertainment. 2PM gave us a simple but effective track. Be careful, it's addictive!

3. Fantastic Baby - BIGBANG (2012)

BIGBANG has too many great songs that were instant hits. But today let's listen again to the unforgettable Fantastic Baby. Turn up the volume!


One of the pioneers of sexy concepts in K-Pop was TVXQ. Even if you don't know too much about the group, you'll add this legendary track to your list.

All these songs are really good! Which one is your favorite?

We didn't forget about SHINee. Click here to find out its most iconic songs.

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