K-Pop songs by boy groups that you need in your beach playlist

Are you going on vacation to the beach? We have the best K-Pop songs to add to your playlist.

Summer is almost here! We are happy to receive the hottest days of the year, especially if we go to a beautiful place on vacation. Is there a place that you would like to visit for the summer? The beach is a common destination that we all love.

As you may know, K-Pop artists have music for any occasion. Today we are recalling some of the best summer songs by boy groups. Yes, these handsome Idols would be with you at the beach if you add their music to your playlist.

All the songs on the list have the best beats to relax and cheer you at the same time. There is no time for worries when you played these classic beach tracks. Are you ready to dance with these artists?

No matter if you are staying at home during summer, this music has the positive vibe you need to make your own party. Look for a fresh drink, make yourself comfortable, and be ready to enjoy the sunlight. We're going to the beach!

K-Pop songs for your beach playlist, male edition


Let's start with the summer geniuses. Yes, we are talking about WINNER. LOVE ME LOVE ME is soft and energetic at the same time. We love to listen to this track the whole year.

2. SHINee - View (2015)

This awesome song is not getting old. View feels super fresh. SHINee has just what you need to listen to at the beach.

3. EXO - Ko Ko Bop (2017)

EXO's summer music has the distinctive sexy vibe of the group. Is impossible avoid to dancing as soon as Ko Ko Bop starts. Turn up the volume!

4. WINER - ISLAND (2018)

Okay, is not that fair to put two songs of the same group on the list. But, what can we do? WINNER has the best music for the hot days. Don't you believe us? Just listen to the unforgettable ISLAND.

Do you want more music for your playlist? TWICE also has perfect songs to enjoy at the beach.

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