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K-Pop soloists with the most impressive careers after their groups were disbanded

We are still missing these great K-Pop groups. At leats we have the awesome music of one of the members.

Disband is a word that creates nightmares for K-Pop fans. Is pretty hard for a group to survive the famous "7 years curse". This industry is pretty competitive. Every single year ton of new groups appear on the scene and too many others left the game.

Everything has an end, however, is a painful moment when we get those shocking news: our favorite Idols are taking different paths. When that happens is common to see that just one of the members became very popular in his or her own way.

Today we are talking about some of the most popular soloists of the moment. These talented artists are giving us tons of hits. Sometimes, the youngest or new fans don't know that they were part of a famous K-Pop group.

Let's find out if your favorite Korean solo artist is on the list. For those who loved the entire group is great to see one of the members having a successful music career. Here we go!

K-Pop soloists with after-disband successful careers

1. Kang Daniel

The former member of Wanna One was one of the most popular members. Nowadays his popularity is even bigger. Is impossible not to love the talented Idol.

Kang Daniel for 'The Story Behind' / Twitter @konnect_danielk

2. CL

We will never forget 2NE1. Its former leader is one of the most beloved Korean rappers all over the world, Her fierce music is awesome!

CL, former member of 2NE1 / Twitter @chaelinCL

3. Jeon Somi

Somi was the winner of the popular show Produce 101. After I.O.I disband, she took some time to prepare for her solo debut. Now, she is ruling Gen Z K-pop music.

Somi, former member of I.O.I / Twitter @somi_official_

4. Sunmi

We are in front of another Idol of the second generation who is still rocking the scene. However, we won't forget Sunmi's day as a member of Wonder Girls.

Sunmi for 'Heart Burn' / Twitter @UnitedAings

5. HyunA

HyunA started her solo career when 4MINUTE was also given us iconic songs. When the group was disbanded the Idol continues rocking the stage with her powerful tracks.

HyunA used to be part of 4MINUTE / Twitter @UnitedAings

 Among all these talented artists, which one is your favorite?

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