K-Pop rappers who have released solo songs K-Pop rappers who have released solo songs

K-Pop rappers with solo songs that prove their power with the microphone

Idol rappers are not a joke and many of them have demonstrated their perfect verses in solo songs

Many K-Pop rappers often release their own mixtapes and shine as rap soloists, here are some of their songs that demonstrate their powers with snappy and witty verses.

K-Pop tends to have and experiment with a lot of music genres. Mostly we can find pop and rap, since each group has its vocalists and rappers that generate an amazing and perfect contrast in many compositions of our favorite bands in this type of Korean music.

But if we focus on rappers, who are sometimes criticized by their underground colleagues, we will find great talent. Most of the idols who engage in rapping also have a lot of creativity to write and compose songs and even some of them also work as producers in their K-Pop group. Sure, it depends on each boy band.

But K-Pop rappers not only shine with their groups, they also polish the microphone with their lyrics with their own mixtapes. It is very common to find digital singles or mini albums in this same format from different rappers who belong to an idol group. This is how they manage to fully exploit their talent to verse so quickly and agilely.

So here we leave you some songs that idol rappers have released as soloists, with various mixtapes and singles, you should add all the talent of these rappers to your playlist.

5 songs idol rappers have released as solo artists

1. People by BTS' Suga

Suga from BTS has released quite a few mixtapes with his alter ego Agust D, one of his songs on 'People' showing a more relaxed style of this rapper who sings to us with a deep voice accompanied by a great beat.

2. Intro: Ambition by MONSTA X's Joohoney

Joohoney is an amazing rapper, his work with MONSTA X proves it, his powerful verses give his group's songs a unique stamp, but as a solo artist he is also magnificent. Here we highlight 'Intro: Ambition', with different styles that demonstrate his variety and adaptability in rap.

3. Bands Boy by SEVENTEEN's Vernon

Although Vernon is the youngest rapper in SEVENTEEN, he is the one who has released the most solo works, one of his songs is 'Bands Boy', which not only shows his great solo work, but also his creativity in writing his verses.

4. Hangsang by BTS' J-Hope

J-Hope is another BTS rapper who has also shown his solo talents with various mixtapes, we can highlight his song 'Hangsang' which we can find on his 'Hope World' mixtape and has a great flow.

5. Loop by MONSTA X's I.M

MONSTA X's I.M is another one of the talented rappers in this K-Pop group, he has released mixtapes and singles that let us see more of his talents. One of his songs is 'Loop', which he released in collaboration with Baverse Studio, letting us see more of his inner self through his music.

Are any of these your favorite rapper? Keep listening to their songs and enjoying their talents in their K-Pop groups and solo, they are just amazing and talented.

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