Idols with curly hair Idols with curly hair

K-Pop idols with naturally curly hair, what do they look like without ironing it?

It is common to see our favorite idols with straight hair but some of them were born with curly hair, do you know who they are?

Which idols have naturally curly hair? Their natural hair will make you adore them even more, although we can hardly ever see them with this look and they almost always flat iron their hair.

In K-Pop there are extremely talented artists, we know very well that idols are usually good at singing, dancing, rapping. There are those who write their songs, others who are also producers, music stars who have a talent for acting, drawing, cooking and much more.

And although the music is what mainly attracts our attention from our favorite K-Pop artists, there is no doubt that the visuals of the idols also manage to completely conquer the fans. All of them have extremely attractive physical characteristics, their beauties impact us and these are always enhanced in the concepts of each album.

We have seen the idols use all kinds of styles, makeup, haircut, hair color, outfits and others that improve their physical characteristics and place them according to the concepts they handle as a group. K-Pop is quite a visual and auditory spectacle thanks to the artists that are part of this musical genre.

But far from the concepts, makeup and hair styles, which idols have let us see their natural looks? Many of them have naturally curly hair that we can't always admire because they tend to iron it.

8 Idols who have naturally curly hair look super cute with their fluffy hair

1. STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan

Bang Chan has his hair naturally curly, sometimes we have been able to see him with his hair fluffy, but most of the time the STRAY KIDS leader straightens it.

Bang Chan has curly hair | Twitter: @chanlix0097

2. ENHYPEN's Jungwon

Jungwon is a super cute idol, this ENHYPEN member also has brittle hair and although he doesn't like to experiment much with it in terms of color or style, we rarely get to see his natural curly hair.

Jungwon from ENHYPEN has curly hair too | Twitter: @icryforwonie

3. NCT's Mark

We've seen a lot of hairstyles and color in Mark, but this NCT rapper has natural curly hair that sometimes show for his fans.

Mark and his curly hair | Twitter: @mvrkfits


Can you imagine it? DK from SEVENTEEN has curly hair but he always straightens it, when he acted in the King Arthur's musical, he showed his natural curly hair.

DK looks cute with his curly hair | Twitter: @DK_thinker

5. THE BOYZ's Hyunjae

We always see Hyunjae with his straight hair, but actually this THE BOYZ idol has naturally curly hair. Her styles vary in color, we hope that she will one day let us see more of her natural hair.

Hyunjae has curly hair | Twitter: @m7raes

6. PENTAGON's Yuto

Yuto has shown his natural hair more times, sometimes he combines it with straightening to make it look brittle and other times he has had it totally straight but naturally this PENTAGON idol has curly hair.

Yuto from PENTANGON | Twitter: @ptgshinee

7. HIGHLIGHT's Gikwang

Gikwang has naturally curly hair, and he has shown it that way several times, although he also tends to vary his style depending on the concepts HIGHLIGHT uses.

GIkwang's curly hair | Twitter: @seoblicious


L or Kim Myungsoo from INFINITE has curly hair too, it's his natural style which we've seen a lot of times and we love it!

INFINITE's L has cruly hair | Twitter: @EteruART

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