Idols with ISTP personality type Idols with ISTP personality type

K-Pop idols with ISTP personality, what are the characteristics of their MBTI?

If your MBTI personality is ISTP then you share it with the idols in this top

Which idols have ISTP personality? Here we have some K-Pop artists who have this type of MBTI as a result.

According to the MBTI, personalities are classified differently, according to the ways of acting, being and others. By taking this test you will be able to get an answer, a classification and even a character that represents each personality. Do you already know what your type is according to this classification?

One of the personalities of MBTI is ISTP, its letters are derived from the words Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving. Those who have this type of personality are usually good at finding functional solutions, calm people who are interested in understanding how systems work. They do not like to waste absolutely anything and they usually adapt very well to everything.

People who are ISTP are usually brave and are not afraid of challenges, in fact they enjoy activities such as skydiving, motorcycling, bungee jumping, paintball, among others. They really respect the space and way of living of other people and they also like that others respect their space and way of living.

Do you have this type of personality? Here we have some K-Pop idols who have this result in the MBTI, you can confirm if they meet the characteristics or if maybe they should take the test again.

8 K-Pop idols who have ISTP as their MBTI


Did you know that Han is an ISTP? It seems that his exact classification is ISTP-T, this STRAY KIDS idol seems to meet the characteristics of this type of MBTI.

Han is an ISTP | Twitter: @StrayKidsGlobal

2. TWICE's Nayeon

Nayeon has the ISTP personality type too! Even if we think she's more extroverted, but in some points this girl from TWICE seems pretty ISTP too.

Nayeon's MBTI | Twitter: @jisungadobo

3. ONEUS' Hwanwoong

Do you think Hwanwoong meets the characteristics of ISTP? This ONEUS member has this type as his personality.

Hwanwoong from ONEUS | Twitter: @oneuspics

4. LOONA's Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye has proven to be a unique and talented girl, she has an ISTP personality type, does this LOONA idol really have characteristics of this MBTI?

Olivia has ISTP as her MBTI type | Twitter: @noirvouz

5. PENTAGON's Jinho

PENTAGON also has their ISTP boy, he is Jinho, a very talented and dedicated boy, do you think he shows his ISTP personality to his fans?

Jinho is an ISTP too! | Twitter: @jinhodaisy

6. Aespa's Winter

We love Winter and this Aespa member also has ISTP as her personality, do you think it matches what you've seen about this idol?

Winter's MBTI | Twitter: @time_to_winter

7. NINE.i's Joohyung

Although Joohyung is a very young NINE.i idol, we can see some characteristics of his MBTI that is ISTP as well.

Joohyng from NINE.i has ISTP as MBTI | Twitter: @nine_ibrasil

8. VIVIZ's Eunha

We close with Eunha an amazing idol that we definitely believe meets the profile of an ISTP, this idol from VIVIZ has shown us on several occasions.

Enunha's personality type | Twitter: @vivizpics

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