Idols who have ISFJ personality Idols who have ISFJ personality

K-Pop idols with ISFJ personality, do you share MBTI with them?

One of the personalities according to the MBTI is ISFJ, which K-Pop artists are in this classification?

If your personality according to MBTI is ISJF, then you share it with all these idols, do you think they meet the characteristics of this classification?

The MBTI has become very interesting over time and it is that these types of personalities tend to change. Well, as human beings we can learn new things or have different evolutions depending on our context or situations that we must go through.

One of the personalities of the MBTI is ISFJ, better known as the Defender. His lyrics are based on the words Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. People under this personality seem contradictory in a certain way but for different reasons. They are sensitive, but can be fierce when necessary, they also seem quiet and reserved but adept at socializing.

ISFJs also seek security and stability, those with this personality can be very receptive to change as long as they feel understood and respected. They usually work in medicine, teaching or social work due to their nature of wanting to help.

Do you want to know which K-Pop idols have ISFJ personality? Here we have all of them, perhaps you can see that they meet the characteristics of this type of MBTI.

10 Idols with ISFJ personality according to their MBTI

1. SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan

Jeonghan is the only member in SEVENTEEN with ISFJ personality and it seems he really fits in this one since hes fellow members made the test for him and the result was the same.

Jeonghan is an ISFJ | Twitter: @jhhs7777

2. TWICE's Dahyun

Did you know that Dahyun has ISFJ as her personality type? We thnik it suits her! This TWICE rapper might be a great representative of Defenders.

Dahyun is a Defender | Twitter: @chaelimansi

3. NCT's Doyoung

Do you think ISFJ suits Doyoung? This NCT idol and actor has this type of personality, and we think he has proven some of those characteristics.

Doyoung from NCT is an ISFJ | Twitter: @teuhaname

4. Dreamcatcher's Da Mi

Da Mi is such a talented girl and we know that her personality has been showed multiple times for Dreamcatcher fans, do you think she's a total ISFJ?

Dreamcatcher's Dami has ISFJ personality | Twitter: @moondayubin

5. BTOB's Minhyuk

Minhyuk or HUTA, one of the BTOB members has also ISFJ personality, don't you think that's cool? Even if we see him more like an extrovert person, tho.

Minhyuk is an ISFJ | Twitter: @nanaa9_

6. WJSN's Lu Da

Our girl, Lu Da is an ISFJ too! Do you think this personality suits her? Sometimes even if MBTI has a result, some fans see this WJSN member acting in a different way.

Lu Da is an ISFJ too! | Twitter: @fycosmicgirls

7. GOT7's Jinyoung

Jinyoung from GOT7 is an ISFJ too! He's an amazing idol and actor too, we think this personality fits him well.

Jinyoung is a Defender | Twitter: @superyeppi

8. TWICE's Jeongyeon

Another member of TWICE is an ISFJ too, Jeongyeon... uhm... I think she's a great representative of this personality.

Jeongyeon has ISFJ personality | Twitter: @dailyjyselca

9. VICTON's Seungwoo

Seungwoo is such a talented artist and he also these amazing visuals, he's mesmeriizing. Anyways, he's an ISFJ too! Do you think this VICTON member has showed the characteristics of his personality?

Han Seungwoo is an ISFJ | Twitter: @kim_yocat

10. PENTAGON's Hui

Hui is an amazing singer, but he also works as a songwriter and producer for his idol group PENTAGON, he's an ISFJ too!

Hui is an ISFJ | Twitter: @_Sal0me

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