Get to know more about these INFJ idols Get to know more about these INFJ idols

K-Pop idols with INFJ personality, what does their MBTI mean?

If your MBTI resulted in INFJ then you share personality with all these idols

Everyone has a different personality but the MBTI has classified a lot of them, what characteristics does INFJ have? Here are some K-Pop idols who happened to have this type of personality.

As we know, the MBTI classifies personalities in a peculiar way, INFJ is one of these that we can find according to this test. This is a rather rare personality as only 1 to 2% of the population have it. Very few people can meet the characteristics of this type.

The INFJ letters come from the words Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Sometimes their characteristics may seem contradictory, but people with this type of MBTI are usually understanding and empathic. They are also good at helping others, listening to them and giving advice.

But INFJs don't like to ask for help and often keep their problems and afflictions to themselves. People with this personality like to stay at home, to be in a calm and quiet place. They like to solve problems, they are organized and they don't like superficial conversations.

Some K-Pop idols have this type of personality, here we have some of them, do you think they really go with this type of MBTI? These artists have INFJ personality.

10 K-Pop idols who have INFJ personality according to their MBTI

1. SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN has its own INFJ line and one of the group members with this personality type is Wonwoo, do you think it suits him? Some fans think that it doesn't, but we know that he's more an indoor guy, he likes quiet places too.

Wonwoo is an INFJ | Twitter: @wonwooszone

2. GOT7's Jay B

Our GOT7 Leader, Jay B is an INFJ, that's the result of his MBTI, did you know it? Well, it seems ike this personality type suits him, we're sure he loves to help others, would he be good at asking for help?

Jay B's personality type | Twitter: @oumaima_ahgase

3. SEVENTEEN's Woozi

Woozi is our dearest SVT producer, and he's an INFJ too! We really think it suits him, and he's a part of the INFJ line in his idol group, he's a hardworking person and we think that he loves to be helpful.

Woozi's MBTI is INFJ | Twitter: @runtoyou1122

4. EXO's Kai

INFJ is the MBTI of Kai from EXO, do you think it suits him? We think that he might have some characteristics from this personality type.

Kai is an INFJ | Twitter: @weareoneEXO


Here's where our INFJ line from SEVENTEEN ends, THE8 is also one of the members with this personality type, we think it's real! He's a true INFJ.

THE8's personality type | Twitter: @THE8SPACE

6. NCT's Mark

NCT also has an INFJ line just like SEVENTEEN and Mark is one of the members with this MBTI, he's really kind and likes to help others, he seems kinda introverted too! So we think he suits in his personality type.


7. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo

Did you know that the talented idol and actor Cha Eun Woo is an INFJ? Woah! He's so hardworking and we know it, but this member of ASTRO has said that his personality type changes when he's Lee Dong Min.

Eun Woo's personality | Twitter: @chaeunwoodaily

8. ENHYPEN's Sunoo

Sunoo has such a cute personality and we all love it, but his MTBI has revealed that he's actually and INFJ, do you think it suits this ENHYPEN member?

Sunoo is an INFJ | Twitter: @kimfox0624

9. NCT's Jungwoo

Jungwoo tends to be someone truly intuitive and he's kinda shy sometimes, maybe that's why this Neo Culture Technology got INFJ as his personality type.

Jungwoo's MBTI | Twitter: @LOOKSKJW

10. TREASURE's Junghwan

Did you know that Junghwan from TREASURE is an INFJ? We think this personality type suits him but what about you?

Junghwan's personality is INFJ | Twitter: @bebenijunghwan_

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