Idols as Inkigayo MCs Idols as Inkigayo MCs

K-Pop idols who were memorable as Inkigayo MCs

The effervescent personality of many idols has led them to be perfect Inkigayo hosts, here are some of the most memorable

A lot of idols are not only talented in music, their outgoing personality allows them to be good as MCs on different shows and one of them is Inkigayo who often invites many K-Pop artists to host the show.

The musical talents of K-Pop artists are undeniable, among the idols of this musical genre in South Korea we can find amazing vocalists, agile rappers, incredible dancers. And the best thing is that they will not limit themselves, they also work as writers, composers, producers, choreographers and more.

But music is not the only passion of K-Pop idols, they can also develop many more skills with hobbies or side projects that end up surprising many fans with all the talents that the same person can have. We know music stars who also stand out in acting, for example.

And there are also idols with a bright personality, great charisma, dominance of the public and so on that makes them a great MC for South Korean television. So many of our favorite K-Pop singers get invited to a lot of shows to host them and interact with other artists.

Perhaps you know Inkigayo, one of the most important music shows in Korea, this belongs to the SBS network that has invited many of our favorite idols to present the show. Here are some of the most memorable ones.

7 Idols We Will Never Forget As Inkigayo MCs

1. IU

There is no doubt that IU is an extremely talented and charismatic idol, she has many characteristics that we can admire from her who has not only been a singer, but also an actress, model and we will not forget her time as Inkigayo's MC.

IU as Inkigayo MC | Twitter: @Ampersandrin

2. GOT7's Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang has a great 4D personality that many fans love and not just K-Pop fans, he has been the king of music and also the king of many shows, Inkigayo is no exception.

Jackson Wang as Inkigayo MC | Twitter: @interlinegot7

3. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

We love SEVENTEEN's Mingyu outgoing personality and this is why this incredible idol was perfect for many Inkigayo broadcasts, his beautiful smile shining brighter than anything else in every show.

Mingyu as Inkigayo MC | Twitter: @hoshiportebosh

4. MONSTA X's Minhyuk

MONSTA X's Minhyuk has a beautiful personality and is super good as an MC, he showed it in his time as an Inkigayo MC, so we won't forget him either.

Minhyuk in Inkigayo | Twitter: @minhyuklovesyou

5. BLACKPINK's Jisoo

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is not only a great singer and dancer, she is also a great actress and a very good MC as she was in Inkigayo, we love her participation in the show.

Jisoo in Inkigayo | Twitter: @kdydates

6. BTOB's Sungjae

Like other idols, Sungjae is not only dedicated to making and performing songs with BTOB, he is also a great actor and as if that were not enough he was also Inkigayo's MC, in fact in his seasons he did it together with Jackson Wang.

Sungjae in Inkigayo | Twitter: @sixuniverse

7. NCT's Doyoung

For a while, NCT's Doyoung was also Inkigayo's MC because of his great personality and beautiful charisma, he delighted many fans with his presence on the show.

Inkigayo MC Doyoung | Twitter: @jjhImk

Talking about music shows reminds me of BIGBANG getting its first win with Still Life, did you watch it? 

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