Idols who can play the drums Idols who can play the drums

K-Pop idols who know how to play the drums, how good are they with this instrument?

The musical talents of these idols are not only limited to singing and dancing, they also know how to play the drums

K-Pop artists are usually multi-talented and in fact many of them know how to play a musical instrument, who among them can play the drums?

The K-Pop industry has great artists among its ranks. There are a lot of idols who shine for their great talents. Most of them are extremely dedicated to music, they not only work as singers and dancers, they show their skills and talents in other places as well.

As we know, there are those who have special skills in studying, writing, composing and producing songs for their own idol groups. It is extremely cool to see how there are idols who are really passionate about music and even work creating it. As if that were not enough, they still have many more talents.

Likewise, there are K-Pop artists who know how to play instruments and have tried it in front of their fans on several occasions, making us very excited to see that they can play the piano, the guitar, there are even some idols who know how to play the violin or the saxophone.

But right now we'll be highlighting idols who know how to play drums, a classic percussion instrument in many musical genres, the basis of a lot of beats and such. Which K-Pop artists can play it?

10 Idols who can play the drums and have impressed us with their talent on this musical instrument

1. BTS' Jungkook

Did you know that Jungkook from BTS can play the drums? This maknae is truly talented and he showed it with his performance with drums! We all love drummer JK.

2. MONSTA X's Joohoney

Besides being a great rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter and producer, Joohoney is also good at playing drums and he used to show it at MONSTA X concerts when they played Sambakja, he also had a special stage once.

3. EXO's Chanyeol

Woah! As you might know, Chanyeol is such a multitalented artist, he's one of the members of EXO and he plays multple instruments, he's good at playing drums!

4. Super Junior's Heechul

We all love Super Junior, which is a legendary K-Pop group, for sure, well, Heechul can play the drums, he's amazing at it!

5. SEVENTEEN's Woozi

Woozi, Lee Jihoon, this artist from SEVENTEEN, he's sooo amazing, a great singer, songwirter, composer, producer, he can play several insturments, and here we have him, playing the drums, OMG.

6. NCT's Hendery

NCT has a lot of talented idols among its ranks and of course that Hendery is amazing, he can play drums, isn't that great?

7. TXT's Huening Kai

The young idols of TXT are truly talented too! And their maknae, Huening Kai proves it by playing the drums.

8. iKON's Bobby

Bobby is such a talented idol, we all can see his talents, and did you know that this iKON member can play the drums too?

9. Xdinary Heroes' Gun Il

Since Xdinary Heroes is more like a K-Rock band, of course that they have a drummer, Gun Il is such a talented guy and we love the way he plays.

10. DAY6's Dowoon

Just like th last band, DAY6 is also like K-Rock, so this idol group has its drummer too, Dowoon has done an amazing work since debut.

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