K-Pop idols who are good at drawing or painting K-Pop idols who are good at drawing or painting

K-Pop idols who have a special talent for painting or drawing

Did you know that a lot of K-Pop idols have painting or drawing as a hobby? And the best thing is that they have a brilliant talent to do it

There are a lot of idols who are not only good at singing and dancing, many of them have various hobbies that show us more of their artistic abilities, who are good at painting or drawing?

In K-Pop we find complete artists who are dedicated to singing, dancing, rapping and there are many of them who also work hard in the studio as writers, composers, producers, we even know choreographers and others who shine both on stage and off stage.

But we will also see that there are K-Pop idols who can stand out in other activities outside of music, there are those who also work as actors and have the best characters in K-Dramas, others are excellent MCs, also shining on television but in variety shows.

There is much more that we can learn about idols through their hobbies, some of them love to cook and there are those who are good at drawing or painting, they let us see another of their artistic sides with this very creative hobby. Do you also like to make fanarts like these K-Pop artists?

So here we leave you some extra-artistic idols who know how to paint and draw very well, we love their works of art, admire them too.

6 Idols who have a great talent at painting and drawing, learn more about their hobby

1. BTS' Jungkook

Jungkook is BTS maknae and he loves to draw, he's great skills for art and we really love to see his masterpieces, isn't he just so cool? He also loves to share everything about this hobby with ARMY.

Jungkook is such an artist | Twitter: @jkkittae

2. STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin

Hyunjin shares a lot about him with STAY, and STRAY KIDS fandom knows that this idols is so good at drawing, he shares a lot of his artwork on Instagram and fans admire this talent.

Hyunjin loves to draw | Twitter: @seungdduk

3. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

There are a lot of things in which Mingyu is good at, he's a creative artist who loves to draw, he even desinged something special for SEVENTEEN and CARAT, do you know who is BongBong? Gyu also said that he likes to draw in his iPad and give his art to his friends.

Mingyu is good at drawing | Twitter: @gyusnoona

4. MONSTA X's Minhyuk

MONSTA X is full of great artists but Minhyuk shines with his skills at drawing and painting, he tends to show his artwork with MONBEBE on Instagram or FanCafe and he's just really good, we love his beautiful paintings and drawings.

Minhyuk loves to paint | Twitter: @lmharchive

5. SHINee's Key

Key has a unique style of painting and drawing, he's very creative and this SHINee idol has a lot of pieces that will blow your mind.

Key has a unique style of painting | Twitter: @diorkibum


THE8 from SEVENTEEN is also good at painting, he got into this hobby during his hiatus of the band and he could get creative with this new thing in his life. He's just an amazing artist and we love his artwork.

THE8 is an amazing painter | Twitter: @toomuchbiaas

Now you know a little bit more about your favorite K-Pop artists, are you as good as them with pencils and paintings?

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