Idols with tattoos Idols with tattoos

K-Pop idols who are tattooed, what designs do they have on their skin forever?

Some of our favorite idols have tattoos, have you seen them? K-Pop is filled with ink with these artists

Despite the censorship in the Korean media regarding tattoos, a lot of our K-Pop idols wear ink on their skin forever, here are some of them.

We can say that in K-Pop everything counts, first of all there is the talent and musical skills of the artists. They prepare sometimes for years before debuting and showing the best of themselves to the public. In this musical genre we have really brilliant talented boys and girls.

Also the personalities and charisma of K-Pop artists are usually extremely important, as these will add a special spark to each one of them and to all the content in which they usually appear, be it variety shows or music shows, interviews and the rest.

Third, but not least, are the visuals, in K-Pop we will find very attractive idols, with physical characteristics that are beautiful for all fans. Within the visual we can also talk about the style of the artists of this musical genre. Their outfits, looks and others that always help the concept they handle. But they also give it their own touch.

As we know, a lot of idols have piercings, but there are also many of them who have tattoos, what tattoos do they have on their skin forever? The designs on their bodies often have important meanings for these artists.

13 K-Pop idols who have tattoos, what will they wear on their skin forever?

1. BTS' Jungkook

Everyone knows that Jungkook has tattoos, his arm is full of different designs, most of them have important meanings and recently the idol remastered and covered up some of them, now they look much better.

Jungkook's tattoos | Twitter: @jksdgie

2. NCT's Taeyong

Taeyong has a lot of tattoos, this NCT member has very cool designs on his skin, some simple and black and others more complicated. On his shoulder and arms are the most visible.

Taeyong has all these tattoos | Twitter: @roosgs_

3. EXO's Chanyeol

In EXO there are also members who have tattoos, Chanyeol has some very nice and delicate ones, he also has one dedicated to EXO-L, the faithful fandom of his idol group who has shown all his love and support for the boy band.

Chanyeol and his tattoos | Twitter: @baeconlatte

4. MONSTA X's Minhyuk

Minhyuk has gotten a couple of tattoos, one of them is a whale which covers a scar he has on his knee and the other one is a rose on his back.

These are MInhyuk's tattoos | Twitter: @minhyukhourly

5. BTS' Jimin

Apart from Jungkook, Jimin also has some tattoos as well. This other BTS idol has 6 tattoos, the newest being the phases of the moon that go from the top of his back down.

Jimin's tatoos | Twitter: @VGGUKMlN

6. GOT7's Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is an amazing rapper, very talented and he also has tattoos, these are really meaningful to him. This GOT7 member has some related to his parents, the Olympics logo and his TEAM WANG logo.

Jackson Wang is tattooed | Twitter: @iconickpoptatts

7. ATEEZ's Hongjoong

It seems that Hongjoong from ATEEZ has two tattoos, one of them was designed by himself and is on his ankle, it has not been fully seen yet but it seems to be the word 'Faith' and some wings. He now also has a tattoo on his arm with the phrase 'NO1LIKEME'.

Hongjoong has these two tattoos | Twitter: @zyrapunzalan

8. VICTON's Seungwoo

Seungwoo is one of the members of VICTON, he has several tattoos that he has worn in various photoshoots, he has some phrases and also numbers in Roman, oh! And also the moon and some flowers <3.

Seungwoo's tattoos | Twitter: @hourlyseungwoo

9. NU'EST's Ren

Ren has some tattoos, two of them are dedicated to his favorite singer Lady Gaga, he also has some other small symbols and an important phrase for him. These are the ones of this NU'EST idol.

Ren got these tattoos | Twitter: @anin_dayo

10. NCT's Johnny

Johnny loves nature and this member of Neo Culture Technology has two tattoos, one of a plant and the other of a sunflower, both of which are very pretty.

Johnny from NCT has tattoos too | Twitter: @suhjohnnypic

11. MONSTA X's I.M

MONSTA X's maknae, Im Changkyun has some tattoos, he has a face which is happy and sad ':):', a rose, another flower and also a phrase on his back.

I.M and his tattoos | Twitter: @oheyitsrajaa

12. BTOB's Ilhoon

Well, even if Ilhoon is not on BTOB anymore (T-T), he has some tattoos, the phrase 'No One Can Be Like God' but in Spanish, some paws and also his birthday.

Ilhoon's tattoos | Twitter: @sarangilhoon

13. Wonho

Wonho has a tattoo on his foot with the phrase 'Real recognize real fake', he has showed it before and even on one of his photoshoots.

Wonho has a tattoo | Twitter: @bubblejoobs

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