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K-Pop idols who are gamers, they really love video games

Some of our favorite idols could be worthy of e-sports as they are pro-gamers and love to play video games

There are a lot of idols who really enjoy playing video games and maybe one day we will see them become pro-gamers and compete in e-Sports leagues.

K-Pop artists are often extremely talented in different fields. Besides being excellent singers, dancers, rappers, many of them are also good at writing songs, composing, or even producing. But there are idols who even outside of music have great skills.

For example, there are idols with a bright and effervescent personality that makes them the best MCs for variety shows or music shows, some of them are even radio hosts and that's amazing. We have other artists who are great models, so they become brand ambassadors.

We also have idols who are actors, who show great talent in front of the cameras. Many times, the hobbies of our favorite K-Pop artists become a specialty for them, for example, who are excellent at painting, drawing, cooking, oh! And there are also idols who are excellent gamers.

Which K-Pop idols like video games? Here we have some of them who are really good gamers, they could be professionals and compete in e-Sports.

8 K-Pop idols who are video game lovers, they might be pro-gamers

1. BTS' Jungkook

OMG, Jungkook is such a talented idol and he loves to play videogames too! He plays League Of Legends, Starcraft and Overwatch. He has proved his skills too with BTS Island: In the SEOM recently.

Jungkook gamer | Twitter: @ynkkbaragi

2. Super Junior's Heechul

Did you know that Heechul is a videogame fan? He loves League Of Legends, Starcraft and he also likes mobile video games a lot.

Heechul loves videogames too | Twitter: @sungminaa_

3. STRAY KIDS' Felix

Felix from STRAY KIDS is another idol who enjoys playing video games, he likes League Of Legends and Genshin Impact, isn't that cool? Lixie also enjoys mobile video games.

Felix is a gamer too | Twitter: @lixiezone

4. ENHYPEN's Heeseung

Heeseung plays a lot of video games, he usually plays League of Legends, Overwatch, Kartrider, Crazy Arcade, and Animal Crossing. The ENHYPEN member is truly skilled on these titles.

Heeseung playing video games | Twitter: @hourlylhs

5. SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo

We know that Wonwoo enjoys shooter video games since he proved his skills during SEVENTEEN's Going Seventeen. He's good at mobile games too but he said he's not into kart games :(.

Wonwoo pro-gamer | Twitter: @Oxywinscutie

6. EXO's Baekhyun

Baekhyun is such a professional on League Of Legends, we can see he's a total gamer when it comes to this title.

LoL is Baekhyun's favorite video game | Twitter: @beabyun

7. MONSTA X's Minhyuk

Minhyuk loves to play videogames, he's into Sudden Attack, Counter-Strike, and Alliance of Valiant Arms. He keeps playing on his computer until the sun rises.

Minhyuk is such a gamer | Twitter: @saintchangkyun

8. GOT7's Mark

Fortnite is such a popular video game and Mark from GOT7 likes to play it, he's the idol group's game boy :P.

Mark is a pro-gramer too | Twitter: @eajbeom

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