Idols who should be actors Idols who should be actors

K-Pop idols that fans wish to see as K-Drama actors in the future

Which idols should debut as actors soon? Some K-Pop artists have great acting potential

We know that there are many idols who are actors too, but there are those who have great potential and it has not come to light, which K-Pop artist would you want to see in a K-Drama?

In K-Pop there are a lot of multi-talented artists who are not only into singing and dancing, there are great writers, songwriters and producers as well. In addition to the fact that we have artists who also stand out as cartoonists or painters, art is very good for our favorite stars of this type of music.

We also have great K-Pop artists who have great charisma and become top TV or radio show MCs. And last but not least, there are plenty of idols who are also excellent actors and have appeared in our favorite Korean dramas, thus showing all their talent in front of the cameras.

So we know that the talent in front of the cameras of many K-Pop idols is simply amazing, amazing and they prove to be not only dedicated in music, but also in other fields. Maybe you already have a favorite idol and actor like ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, SF9's Rowoon, or even MONSTA X's Hyungwon.

But there are also idols who have great potential to become actors and in fact fans want to see them debut in a K-Drama soon, who are they? We also hope to see you on Korean TV in the future.

8 Idols who should debut as actors in a K-Drama soon

1. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

Well, Mingyu in fact had his debut as an actor with a guest role in a Thai drama, but we'd love to see him in K-Dramas, this SEVENTEEN member is truly talented and we know that he'd nail it in acting.

Mingyu would be a great actor | Twitter: @miwon17_

2. BLACKPINK's Jennie

A lot of fans say that Jennie would be great at acting and she actually has made her debut in the HBO Series 'The Idol' with a quick cameo, but we wish we could see this BLACKPINK member as an actress in some K-Drama.

Actress Jennie when? | Twitter: @MagzCollection

3. BTS' Jin

Oh lord! We all would love it Jin gets to act in some K-Drama, this BTS member actually prepared for acting, so he just needs a good role to debut! ARMY will wait and, of course, support his acting career.

We'd love to see actor Jin | Twitter: @BTSdailyinfo

4. Aespa's Karina

We know that Karina has great expression skills, and the Aespa idol also has great visuals, we think it would be nice if she has her acting debut one day, wouldn't it be great?

Karina can be a great actress | Twitter: @chinguNFT

5. STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin

We all would love to see Hyunjin as an actor, he actually has made a great job in STRAY KIDS MVs and teasers, he might do well in acting too! Don't you think so? Maybe, some day, we're gonna see him in a K-Drama.

Wanna see Hyunjin in K-Dramas? | Twitter: @skzpeaxh

6. ITZY's Yeji

ITZY has incredible idols and Yeji is pone of them, she has great skills in fornt of cameras as we have seen on MVs and teasers for her girl group, so... We think she'd do a great job in K-Dramas.

ITZY's Yeji would be a good actress | Twitter: @Zhuxing31977372

7. ENHYPEN's Sunghoon

We know that Sunghoon is truly talented and we think that he'd also make a great job as an actor, this ENHYPEN member has a lot of charms for cameras and we know that his bright charisma would help him in acting too.

We want actor Sunghoon | Twitter: @pshbrand

8. TWICE's Jeongyeon

You knwo what would be cool? To Jeongyeon and her sister, Seungyeon, to star in a K-Drama, the TWICE member has an actress sibling who would share her acting secrets, we're sure. And it'd be great to see Jeongyeon as an actress.

Jeongyeon would be a great actress | Twitter: @JeongyeonUnion

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols, like Hyungwon from MONSTA X who's actually an actor too! 

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