K-Pop groups with a lot of members K-Pop groups with a lot of members

K-Pop groups with a lot of members, which one has the most?

K-Pop groups are usually quite large and there are some with a large number of members

The more members the better in K-Pop? There are many idol groups with a lot of members in their lineup.

K-Pop is very different from Western music, which is why it attracts the attention of the public internationally. First is the fact that idols have some training time before they debut. They spend time working on their talents to be part of an idol group.

The second thing is also the competitiveness, while many international artists take at least a year to release new music, boy groups and girl groups have comebacks all the time, always releasing new songs. There is a lot of innovation in this music genre as well.

K-Pop artists must also train as dancers and singers, some even as actors. They are multi-talented and more, this is really something that you don't see in parts of the west, although we also have artists like that near us. Korean Pop music is really interesting.

And it is that there are usually very large K-Pop groups in the industry and large in the sense that they have many members. Which groups have the most members? Here we have the top.

Top 7 K-Pop groups with the most members

1. NCT

NCT is the biggest K-Pop group since it has 23 members, all of them are truly talented and, this is also the reason why they have multiple subunits.

2. Cosmic Girls

13 members are part of Cosmic Girls a.k.a WSJN, they all are truly amazing and they have a lot of talent together.


We love SEVENTEEN and it has 13 idols, all of them are sooo amazing and talented, their three subunits make them work better and they actually have a perfect team.


Another large girl group is LOONA which has a total of 12 members, they make a great team and we can enjoy about them all in every comeback and performance.


12 idols are part of  THE BOYZ, this boy group has taken the attention of a lot of fans who love them, they've amazing musical abilities.


TREASURE is an idol group from YG Entertainment and this one also has a total of 12 members, they're truly good!

7. Golden Child

11 members are in the ranks of Golden Child, a great idol group with the best talents, we want to see them grow together!

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