Red Velvet and VIXX Red Velvet and VIXX

K-Pop groups that use the most unique concepts for their music

K-Pop is all about great music and good concepts. These groups have the most unique styles.

The K-Pop industry offers not just music, here we can find a wide catalog of interesting styles. Korean artists drop music with a big package that includes various visual references to the concept that certain song is using.

The music video, outfit, makeup, scenarios, and even the sound of the song orbit around the concept. Some of the most common ones are girl crush, cute, or sexy. However, there are a few groups that stand out with new creative ideas.

This assignment is quite difficult to achieve. We already have seen too many styles, since K-Pop is becoming a global sensation, it has different projects to conquer almost all types of public. There is one artist for all tastes.

Anyways, today we are talking about those groups that every comeback came with an extraordinary concept. This type of music is not common among Korean Idols. You'll be shocked by the unique concepts they have to offer.

K-Pop groups with uncommon concepts


Some people call these Idos the Concepts Kings. They have explored tons of references. VIXX loves dark and deep concepts. Despite being on hiatus, its music is not getting old. The best music videos in the town!


LOONA has its own universe, which is hard to understand. The music of these talented Idols is full of mystery and ethereal scenarios. Let's explore a new world with the group.

3. Aespa

Aespa is a rookie group that has to conquer the world with its unique concept: Artificial intelligence. The group has virtual members. The music video will take you to a sci-fi world.

4. Red Velvet

Even those songs that seem bright usually have deep meaning if we are talking about a Red Velvet song. Feel My Rhythm has tons of references to art pieces, can you find all the easter eggs? 

What other group should be on the list?

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