K-Pop groups and their own K-Dramas K-Pop groups and their own K-Dramas

K-Pop groups that have their own K-Dramas, all of their idols are good actors

There are many talented idols and actors in K-Pop, so idol groups can have their own dramas.

There are companies that not only train their idols to sing and dance, they also have amazing actors and have even been able to have their own K-Dramas.

In K-Pop we have the best singers, rappers and dancers who have really conquered us with their talents. In combination, many artists are simply explosive and shine on stage as well as in the studio, they are simply great and we love to enjoy their songs and performances.

But besides being great at music, we can find K-Pop artists with other hidden (or not so hidden) skills, like those with brilliant cairsma that makes them the best TV and radio show MCs. Others who have a special gift for painting and drawing. Our producer idols who work hard in the studio.

And also those K-Pop artists who are amazing with their talents in front of the cameras so they become legendary actors that everyone really loves. It's amazing to see idols in K-Dramas and sometimes more than one member in an idol group also performs as an actor.

Here we have some K-Pop groups that have their own K-Dramas as all their members are amazing actors, choose your favorite from these.

7 Idol groups that have starred in their own K-Dramas

1. EXO

EXO have their own drama called 'EXO Next Door', it's about a girl who's shy and gets really nervious with the guys she likes, then it happens that EXO members become her neighbors. Now she works for them and she might make a love triangle with the idols.


Before becoming an actual band, ASTRO had its own K-Drama, it was 'To Be Continued' and it's about a K-Pop group who travels in time just the day before its debut so they gotta fix something and go to the present again.

3. SF9 and AOA

This time, we have two idol groups, SF9 and AOA united to make 'Click Your Heart'. This is an interactive webdrama in which we see idols from both groups and some of them wil be in love with the same girl. 

4. GOT7

'Dream Knight' is the web drama in which GOT7 members acted together and it's about a girl who has a sad and terrible past, but everything will change when she gets to meet some mysterious boys who will inspire her.


TREASURE idols are not only amazing in music, they're good actors too and they proved it with 'Mysterious Class', this one is about a group of students and a ghost who made someone think there were more classmates :0.


'What If You Are a JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?' is the web drama in which the members of STRAY KIDS starred in, it's about a girl whose name is Dingo and she just started as a JYP Entertainment trainee, we'll follow her in some adventures.


The girls of LOONA had their own drama too, it's called 'First Love Story', a college romance drama with three girls and different stories, maybe different kinds of love too!

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols, here we have some who share name :0 they're namesakes

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