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K-Pop groups that have the best music to dance in summer

Are you looking for some good musijc to enjoy the sunny days? You need to know the music of these K-Pop groups.

The weather is getting warmer. If you want to have a  good time in the summer you should start to prepare everything today.

Of course you will need great music to dance at the beach, or maybe inside your house, that doesn't matter. Just check the songs of these K-Pop artists, they have the perfect beat to make you dance.

K-Pop groups that fits perfectly into the summer concept

1. Red Velvet

The music of these talented Idols is really versatile. However all their summer comebacks are on point. The velvet side of the group has given us amazing cheerful songs just like "Power Up".

Let's dance with the iconic "Red Flavor"!


This group usually releases hits in the summer. We are sure that you are already thinking about "Really Really". Today let's appreciate  "Island", this catchy song will stay with you the whole summer.


KARD music is the best for the summer. There are too many songs of this group  that you have to add on your dance playlist. The strong stage presence will make you join them to dance.


No matter if this group is disbanded they used to be called the Summer Queens so, they should be in this list. They have too many unforgettable songs that are perfect to have a good time: "Touch My Body" "I Swear" and "Shake It". Which one is your favorite?

We are missing SISTAR. Read this article to remind other disbanded K-Pop groups that we’ll never forget.

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