Groups that have covered BTS songs Groups that have covered BTS songs

K-Pop groups that have covered BTS songs, which one is your favorite cover?

BTS has inspired other idols and groups and they have paid tribute with covers of their songs

There is no doubt that BTS has influenced the new generations of K-Pop and these group covers prove it, you can choose your favorite version of Bangtan songs.

BTS is one of the most important groups in K-Pop right now and it is common to know that this idol group has millions of fans. Among their fandom we can find people of all ages, genders, nationalities and professions who show their love and admiration for these artists.

And we can also notice that Bangtan Sonyeondan has a great impact on the new generations of K-Pop, there are groups that dream of being as big as Bangtan or show their talents as the members of the boy band have done in dance, rap and singing.

So we can say that in ARMY there are also idols who admire, love and respect BTS like any other fan. Boys who are motivated by the Bangtan Boys to keep working as hard as their role models do. And they have proven it in one way or another.

So there are K-Pop groups that have covered BTS songs and here are some of our favorite ones, enjoy the talents of more bands with Bangtan's songs.

6 Covers of BTS songs performed by other K-Pop groups

1. Dynamite by TXT

A lot of fans think that TXT is like the younger brother of BTS, but the members of this idol group admire Bangtan Boys too, and they proved it with their 'Dynamite' cover which we all loved.

2. ON by ATEEZ

ATEEZ is such a great group and we know that some members are true BTS fans, so they couldn't miss the chance and make a tribute for Bangtan with their covers, here we have the one they did with 'ON'.

3. Boy With Luv by ENHYPEN

BTS shares agency with a lot of boy bands and ENHYPEN is one of them, this group made a cover of 'Boy With Luv' and we really loved it, have you ever watched it?


'DNA' is the song that ONEUS selected to make a cover of BTS, the group did this one during their performance at KCON 2019.

5. Boy In Luv by The Boyz

The Boyz surprised everyone that time when they covered BTS, they did a cover for 'Boy In Luv' and it was simply great.

6. Spring Day by WEi

WEi made a cover of 'Spring Day', we all love this BTS song and this version of another K-Pop group was really good, they had a great time performing this one.

Which one of these was your favorite BTS covered song? We all love all of them, the original version and its cover.

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