EXID and Brave Girls EXID and Brave Girls

K-Pop groups that got massive popularity out of nowhere thanks to a single

Building a successful career in K-Pop is not easy. These groups became very famous because of the sudden popularity of one of their songs.

The K-Pop industry is a cruel world. We all love the gorgeous Idols, eye-catching performances great hits and flawless music videos. Nevertheless, surviving this game is not an easy assignment to complete.

Korean artists can spend too many years trying to get enough popularity. If a group doesn't get profits, the label can disband it or just give up and forget to promote it. This situation is more difficult for Idols that are working with small agencies.

They have everything talent, charisma and beauty, but sometimes that is not enough. Today we are talking about some lucky groups that used to be non-famous but suddenly, their lives took a 180-degree turn.

A good song, the Internet, and the euphoria of the public were all that they needed to be part of the most iconic group in K-Pop history. We all know these classic singles. Are you ready to dance to these unforgettable hits?

K-Pop groups that suddenly became very popular thanks to a hit

1. Brave Girls - Rollin

The members of Brave Girls were getting ready to quit their careers. Eventually, the Korean soldiers promoted "Rollin", and that was it, now the track is a global sensation.

2. MOMOLAND - BBoom BBoom

In 2018 the addictive BBoom BBoom was all over the Internet. MOMOLAND became viral thanks to this song and a hilarious CF of JooE. Such a classic!

3. GFRIEND - Me Gustas Tu

After a chaotic performance, GFRIEND became really popular. The public loved to see the hard work of these talented Idols. Me Gustas Tu and its iconic fancam are part of the K-Pop culture.

4. Oh My Girl - Nonstop

Oh My Girl debuted in 2015. the group had stable fame, but the massive popularity of Nonstop gave the members a second opportunity.


We cannot leave without talking about the legendary EXID. Hani's fancam was all over social media in 2014. After UP&DOWN, the group built a super successful career. They dropped just quality hits.

What other K-Pop group should be on the list?

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