MAMAMOO for 'Hip' MAMAMOO for 'Hip'

K-Pop girl groups songs with a special message for the haters

These confident women used their music to face those who usually are attacking them. Listen to these great songs to make you feel as powerful as they are.

We all love the Korean Idols, but for some reason, -sometimes for no reason- every single member of a K-Pop group has antis (anti fans) or haters.

These people is alway trying to hurt the artists with mean words most of the time via social media. However, now the Idols are breaking the silence to defend themselves. 

Check the best songs made by girl groups to make clear to the haters they shouldn't cross the line.

Female K-Pop groups with the best songs to stop the haters.

1. WANNABE - ITZY (2020)

The young members of ITZY are not immune to the haters. For this music video the group uses some reference to the topics the haters use to attack them.

Can you just leave me alone whether I live a normal life or not?!

The words make the point really clear, right?

2. LA DI DA - Everglow (2020)

The members of everglow are singing "Got no time for hater".

Their vision about this issue is pretty cool. They can not spend too much time thinking about the mean people. That's not a good life.

3. BOCA - Dreamcatcher (2020)

This song has a deep meaning. It explores the two sides of hate. The one who is receiving it is suffering and at the same time the hater is wasting its time.

"Just don't open your mouth". This song is making us this question. Does the hater feel guilty sometimes?

4. Uh-Oh - (G)I-DLE (2019)

The members of (G)I-DLE are saying they are valuable and the haters don't know them really. The hater nerve thought they could be that successful.

I am a masterpiece!

5. HIP -MAMAMOO (2019)

MAMAMOO is well known for the honesty of the members. Since their debut the girls got a lot of mean comments because of their look. According to some people they are not 'pretty enough' to be Idols.

The talented singer decided to record a song that mention all the things the public critique about the group. At the end of the day it became a powerful song. "Head, shoulders, knees. It's all HIP!"

Thanks to the haters we have this amazing track. We are expressing our gratitude.

What other song should be in this list?

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