Lee Hi and Yuqi of (G)I-DLE Lee Hi and Yuqi of (G)I-DLE

K-Pop female singers with the best low vocal ranges, you'll love their unique style

The greatest singers are not just with high vocal ranges. Here are the best K-Pop female singers with deep voices.

A track always has a big impact on the public when the singer hit a powerful high note. For sure is one of the most admired abilities of a singer. However, not everyone has a light voice, the range is a natural condition. We all were born with a certain voice style.

Some too many talented vocalists have deep voices, even though they don't present the risky high notes, they're still pretty skillful. The gorgeous ladies on these lists will prove to you that is true what we say.

In K-pop culture, the main vocalist of a group is usually the member with the higher range. It's time to look at the great singers with deep voices. Their styles feel pretty different,  warm, and cool at the same time.

The voices of these Korean singers are a blessing to our ears. Be ready to join their fandoms, you will fall in love with their talent immediately. Are you ready for the show? Let's appreciate their talent!

K-Pop Female singers with deep voices

1. Yuqi - (G)I-DLE

Let's start with Yuqi's raspy voice. The member of (G)IDLE is super skillful. Just listen to her single "Bonnie & Clyde".

2. Moonbyul - MAMAMOO

Moonbyul is famous as a rapper, however, she is a great singer as well. This collaboration with Seori is awesome!

3. Hyoyeon - Girls' Generation

The legendary group Girls' Generation has just talented members. Hyoyeon's voice is powerful just like her dance.

4. Lee Hi (soloist)

Here comes the deep voice queen! Lee Hi has a perfect vocal technique and a wide range. However, her low range is legendary!

Among these talented ladies, who is your favorite voice?

Do you know the male K-Pop Idols with the best deep voices? Here are their names.

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