WANNA ONE for 'Energetic' WANNA ONE for 'Energetic'

K-Pop choreographies with the most creative dance moves ever

These K-Pop groups are on the next level. These shocking choreographies are very unique

We cannot talk about K-Pop without bringing out flawless choreographies. Nowadays, Idols take the stage with more complicated dance moves. Is not easy to surprise the public, they are looking for something new and eye-catching.

We are constantly praising our favorite artists because of their hard work to achieve those perfect performances. Well, is important to give an honorific mention to the choreographers that created those dance moves that we'll try to imitate.

Today we have for you the most unique dances. The dancers build perfectly an awesome choreography that connects with the concept and lyrics of the song. Also, the moves are extraordinary, we wonder how they came up with these ideas.

Performing these dance moves requires o a lot of coordination among the members. Well, the awesome result makes sense seeing how much they practiced. Let's enjoy these jaw-dropping shows!

K-Pop choreographies with uncommon dance moves

1. DNA formation - BTS

The second chorus has a wonderful formation when the members act as a DNA chain structure. It is an unforgettable BTS song.

2. Wings move - LOONA

Butterfly choreography is a visual pleasure. During the first pre-chorus, one member is in the center and the rest of them are her wings. LOONA is awesome. Such a beautiful moment!

3. Clock formation - SEVENTEEN

24H is an amazing track. during the whole dance, the member are following the clock concept. After the first chorus, one member is in the center while the rest are the 12 hours. Just SEVENTEEN can perform it.

4. Flower formation - IZ ONE

IZ ONE's debut was perfect. La Vie En Rose has a perfect introduction for a song with a flower concept. The members themselves create a beautiful flower.

5. Piano formation - Wanna One

We know there are a lot of fans missing this group. The iconic Energetic begins with the member being a piano that follows every single note. We never forget this great Wanna One performance.

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