STRA KIDS performing 'Fancy' STRA KIDS performing 'Fancy'

K-Pop boy groups that have covered iconic original songs by girl groups

These K-Pop male groups are so versatile that they can perform wonderful versions of original hits by girl groups. Here are the best covers ever.

Artists of the second generation used to be quite strict about the concepts. Girl and boy groups have basically two options: cute or sexy. Nowadays, K-Pop artists have more freedom about this topic. There are too many styles.

That way the senior boy groups used to perform original songs by female artists but in a funny way. Those Idols wear costumes to look exactly like the original singer. Let's be honest, those performances were parodies.

Nowadays, male groups take seriously the songs of the girls groups. The artists in this list show their admiration for the original singer. Also, they are not scared of breaking gender standards. They are super confident while singing.

All these covers are unforgettable, these male Idols know pretty well that music has no gender. Their versions have their own color and the best of the original track. Are you ready for the show? Here we go!

Male K-Pop groups with the best girl groups covers


Everyone the TWICE's iconic hit "FANCY". In 2019 STRAY KIDS presented its version. This one is a little bit lower than the original note. It seems like is its original track!

2. THE BOYZ - Kill this Love

For this special performance, THE BOYZ took the BLACKPINK's original hit to create their own version. Kill This love sounds awesome in their voices.

3. PENTAGON - Savage

PENTAGON gave us a wonderful band version of Savage. Aespa should perform a similar one. Tun up the volume its sounds so good!

4. SEVENTEEN - Ice Cream Cake

The girl group medley is unforgettable. Girls Generation's Lion Heart, Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake, GFRIEND's Rough sung by SEVENTEEN. As usual, this group's creativity is on the next level.

5. 00s - Psycho

This one is not a group per se, but this Psycho cover is so good that we need to talk about it. These Idols are super talented!

Which cover do you like the most?

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