Ballads by K-Pop groups Ballads by K-Pop groups

K-Pop ballads that will give warm songs for your playlist

Are there ballads in K-Pop? Here we have some such songs released by idol groups

K-Pop groups really tend to play with many musical genres and have songs that combine other types of music, here are some ballads that we know you will love.

K-Pop agencies and producers are always working on the best songs for fans. Also in great performances and more that we can enjoy thanks to the talent of all the idols. We also know that there are artists who even work as writers, composers and producers of tracks for their groups.

This is why we can also see that K-Pop is a musical genre that experiments a lot, touches on different themes and explores various musical genres that tend to adapt very well. For title tracks, idol groups usually have songs that hook the public, of course, in mini albums and full length albums we also find more tracks from each group.

So K-Pop gives us a great diversity of songs created even by the idols who interpret them, which is simply great because through their songs they are really carrying inner messages and ideas with which they manage to connect even better with the public. and the fans. In the diversity of Korean Pop tracks we can also highlight ballads.

If you like this type of calm and warm songs, then here we have some K-Pop ballads that you can add to your playlist, you will love these tracks.

8 K-Pop ballads that will warm your heart

1. For Youth by BTS

BTS has a lot of ballads but one of the most recent ones is 'For Youth', ARMY really loved this track which gives us the best of the group members, the vocalists' voices are warm and their message is great too.


Vocal Team from SEVENTEEN has also a lot of ballads, but we all love 'Hug', right? And it's probably one of the warmest songs ever, it's actually beautiful.

3. Sing For You by EXO

Even if EXO has a lot of songs that are full of energy and with great choreographies, they also have ballads and 'Sing For You' is one of them, we really love this one.

4. Sorry I'm Not Sorry by MONSTA X

Maybe 'Sorry I'm Not Sorry' is not a song about love, but it's actually warm and it somehow can empower you to leave someone behind when you need it. This ballad by MONSTA X is pretty amazing and the vocals of the idols in this track are just perfect.

5. Loser by BIGBANG

BIGBANG has a lot of amazing songs and we know that this K-Pop legends have a lot of ballads, but we all loved 'Loser' which is simply great, and it has a lot of feelings.

6. Missing You by BTOB

We love BTOB, this idol group has great vocalists and rappers, once they conquered the world with 'Missing You', a great ballad that Melody enjoyed a lot.

7. First Love by ASTRO

The members of ASTRO are truly amazing, they all work hard on every comeback and they have released a lot of great songs, one of the is 'First Love' an amazing ballad that AROHA loves.

8. Stranger by Wonho

Woah! This is a pretty underrated Wonho song, 'Stranger' is in 'Blue Letter' and it's a sad ballad with which you can relate when you don't feel the same anymore.

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